How to convert an Addon Domain to a Primary Domain in Cpanel

With the latest release, the cPanel team has added an excellent feature where an addon domain now can be converted to a primary domain easily. Login to WHM with root user Once logged in on your left hand side pane search for the option of “Transfers” and click on “Convert

Create a DNS Entry for the Web Server in cPanel

Creating DNS Records in cPanel If you are hosting your nameservers on your cPanel server you may need to adjust or create DNS records depending on your needs. DNS records can be created and edited from cPanel for individual accounts on the server. If you have access to WHM you

How to enable Manage Auto SSL feature in Cpanel

Manage Auto SSL , One of the new features introduced in latest cPanel. The Manage Auto SSL interface allows you to manage the AutoSSL feature, which automatically installs domain-validated SSL certificates on users’ domains for the Apache and Dovecot services. In order to manage the feature follow the steps Login

What is MultiPHP Manager in latest Cpanel

Multiphp Manager is one of the major improvements introduced by Cpanel team with Easy Apache 4. In order to use MultiPHP Manager you will need to upgrade the Easy Apache version to 4. The MultiPHP manager allows users and administrators to select the server default and per-domain default PHP versions.

How to Rebuild corrupted userdata files in Cpanel

In certain circumstances , your servers user data files may corrupt which can create issues while migrating , operating the cpanel accounts. These user data files can be repaired using a  valid and working httpd.conf  file on the server. Lets assume we have a corrupted user data file , in

cPanel and LiteSpeed Integration

Follow the steps below to install Litespeed as a cPanel Plugin. This will help you install, configure and manage LiteSpeed from the WHM itself. 1) Login to your cPanel server as the root user and then use the commands below to download the plugin. # cd /usr/local/src # curl

How to install a CA issued SSL (non self-signed) for cPanel services

In order to SSL first we will need to generate the CSR ( Certificate Signing Request ) for the server’s actual hostname. IE: 1. Login to WHM and issue a CSR for the server’s hostname. 2. Now that you have the CSR, login to your SSL certificate provider account

How to Fix Invalid cPanel License Error When the IP is in Fact Licensed

Invalid cPanel License Error This article provides solutions should you log in to your WHM/cPanel and find a ‘trial license’ message or failure to login due to an invalid or expired license. There are multiple possible causes when you face such errors including: cPanel license expiration Change in the main

How to perform a manual cPanel migration (Updated)

This how to will provide you instructions for performing a manual cpanel migration for if or when the WHM Transfer Tool produces errors due to possibly account sizes or database sizes to work effectively or if you simply prefer commandline scripting. Connect to the source server via SSH terminal Use

cPanel Backup Cloud Storage How To

How to use Cloud Storage to backup up your cPanel Server. First login to go to Services & Hardware, next click the Cloud Storage button at the top. Once you are in the Cloud Storage page you will see Login Details. You will need your Login Details to setup