Never Worry About Data Loss Again


Eliminate the worry of data loss and the hassle of managing backups with our new Daily Backup and Rapid Restore service. Restore anything from a single file to your entire server (OS, configuration, databases, and data) whenever needed with the click of a button.

Amount of data
500 GB
  • 500 GB
  • 1000 GB
  • 1500 GB
  • 2 TB
  • 3 TB
  • 4 TB
  • 5 TB
  • 6 TB
  • 7 TB
  • 8 TB
Monthly Charge


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5 Unique Recovery Points

When the time comes that you need to restore your data, rest easy knowing you have access to 5 unique recovery points from each of the 5 previous days to choose from.

Restore Your Data in Minutes

Because we backup and restore your server data over our ultra-fast private network we are able to transfer data at up to 200GB per hour, or 20X the speed of a typical restore over the web.

Easy to Manage

Rapid Restore can be enabled and configured via the cart or the MyVelocity control panel. Once activated, storage settings and usage can easily be managed and monitored via the myVelocity control panel.

Protect your data with Rapid Restore.

Starting at $39/mo. for up to 500GB — First month FREE!

Strasmore, Inc
Hivelocity has an extremely helpful and knowledgeable tech team, lightning speed support response time, and everyone at all levels are very approachable and are good listeners. Hivelocity helps us reach our customers in any region of the world and let us be next to them and provide them with the best technical support ever. Moreover, their consistency and high availability maintain our reputation at its finest.

Marc Chartouny Global Infrastructure Manager Strasmore, Inc.
Systemworks, LLC
Hivelocity dedicated servers have provided a rock solid solution to our Police DTS Cloud Application.The customer service and support staff are always available for any needs we have had over the years.The uptime and high performance of these dedicated servers have allowed us to concentrate on the development of our product and growth of our business!

Glenn Kuczer, CEO, Systemworks, LLC
Unihost Brasil
"We have an extremely positive experience with the Hivelocity service and quality, which helps our web hosting company to grow safely and reliably!"

Unihost Brasil Team