Data Center Locations

Deploy Globally across 6 Continents

Locations matter.

If you require precise control over your servers’ location, you need a hosting provider with an expansive network of data centers.  Whether you need your servers in New York, China, or anywhere in between, we’ve got you covered.

Chicago, IL
Miami, FL
New York City, NY
Newark, NY
Reston, VA
São Paulo, Brazil
Seattle, WA
Sunnyvale, CA
Toronto, Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Frankfurt, Germany
Johannesburg, ZA - Coming Soon!
Lagos, Nigeria
London, England
Madrid, Spain
Milan, Italy
Paris, France
Poznan, Poland
Stockholm, Sweden
Vilnius, Lithuania
Hong Kong, China
Mumbai, India
Noida/Delhi, India
Pune, India
Seoul, South Korea
Singapore, Singapore
Sydney, Australia
Tokyo, Japan
Asia & Oceania

Why Hivelocity?

Your data is the core of your business. Whether it’s keeping customers’ private information secure or simply ensuring that your servers are up and running whenever you need them, the network and data center supporting your digital infrastructure is as important as the products or services you provide. If you’re working with a hosting provider you can’t rely on, then you’re leaving the future of your business in the hands of a partner you can’t trust.

With 100% power uptime, diesel power redundancy, CRAC cooling, overhead fire suppression systems, sub-floor fire suppression, and leak detection systems, Hivelocity’s premium data centers provide the backbone for hundreds of successful organizations. Our award-winning 24/7 customer support and world-class network, let you rest easy knowing your data is in the hands of true industry-experts.

An intelligent network built to perform.

Our self-healing international network features a premium blend of over a dozen independent tier-1 carriers. With the ability to intelligently route your data around network congestion, our network allows our customers to achieve enterprise-grade performance and consistent reliability across 6 continents.

The Hivelocity network features:

Unlock the power of Hivelocity’s cutting-edge data centers.

Top-tier server colocation.

If you need to put an existing server at a specific geographic location, our list of colocation-ready data centers can get you up and running quickly. Utilize our premium network, high-end data center facilities, and superior security to your advantage without needing to purchase a new server.

Looking for details on a specific data center location?

Chat with one of our hosting experts and get your questions answered immediately!