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Fight the cloud empire with the best margins in the industry
— up to 45% of customer revenues.

To the Edge (and beyond).

Dynamic performance. Static pricing. Hybrid-cloud ready.

More locations to reach today's global audience.

With 40+ international data centers operating in 26 countries across 6 continents. Hivelocity's network means you can take your services and data where your customers are. Reach 80% of the world's internet population in under 25 milliseconds and leave the public cloud in the dust.

Win-win. Bigger profits. Better performance.

Our partners can earn up to 45% of customer revenue, the highest margins in the industry. At Hivelocity, we know that when our customers and partners succeed, we succeed. Increase profits while providing your customers access to the best cloud solutions and performance available.

Award-winning, 24/7 on-premise support.

When an issue arises at 4am, you need solutions, not excuses. With Hivelocity's 24/7 on-premise support, help is always a phone call away. We are proud to maintain an average 15-minute ticket response time, meaning any concerns are met with solutions in minutes, not hours or days.

Who we partner with.

Innovators and technology partners.
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Referral Agents

Know someone who could benefit from a Hivelocity Bare Metal Cloud solution? Refer new customers to us and let our hosting experts handle the rest. As a referral agent you'll receive commissions each month on every solution sold to the companies you refer to Hivelocity.
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Do your customers need a true alternative cloud solution? Resell Hivelocity's Bare Metal Cloud services and raise your bottom line all while giving your customers access to the best infrastructure solutions in the industry.
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Service Providers

Are you a service provider specializing in cloud adjacent software solutions? Join Hivelocity's Alternative Cloud Alliance dedicated to growing the Alternative Cloud ecosystem and helping fight the digital tyranny of the current public cloud providers.
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Move expensive compute workloads from AWS/Azure/GPC to Hivelocity's Bare Metal Cloud and experience HUGE savings with better performance.

For years Cloud computing has been dominated by an “Evil Empire” of large, unyielding corporations forcing vendor lock-in and serving unbounded data egress fees.
There is a clear need for an Alternative. An alternative cloud is any cloud platform other than AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Now Hivelocity is building an Alternative Cloud Alliance to provide options that enhance and complement the current Cloud with static pricing and dynamic performance supporting an alliance of best of breed software solutions.

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Join the Alliance.

Partnership Application
To get started as a referral agent, reseller, or service provider partner, please submit the form below and one of our partnership agents will contact you to discuss details.

Other Opportunities

Resell under your own brand and bill your customers directly.

WHMCS White Label Bare Metal Provisioning Module

*Now resell Bare Metal Dedicated servers under your own brand from one of the worlds most trusted IaaS providers.
*Offer the same type of industry leading tools that we offer to our customers right from within your own WHMCS environment.
*If you don’t see something you are looking to do, simply request that endpoint from our robust REST APIs.

Agent and Referral Program

Get paid each month for every customer you refer to us. Hivelocity offers a generous 10% recurring commission for every customer you send our way. Simply download and sign the “agent agreement” below and start getting paid for who you know. Once signed, email to [email protected].

Volume Discounts

Grow your business within our data centers and receive discounts each time you add more servers.  By default these volume discounts are not typically able to be combined with other prepayment or promotional discounts. 

51 +20%

Wheelers and Dealers

We understand that some deals just need creativity and flexibility. Open a live chat or give our Sales Team a call if you have some special circumstances you want to discuss and work through.

Start Up Credits

Contact us to learn about receiving up to 12-months in service credits
(Amount varies by partner organization)

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