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Product Overview

Product Overview

Which Server is Right for Me?

Single Processor From $99/month

  • Perfect For

    Web Hosting, VOIP, Email Servers, Storage, Development Projects, Gaming, Databases

  • Quad, Hexa & Octo-Core Xeon CPU
  • 4 to 32GB RAM available
  • 4 hour deployment
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Quad Processor From $1,199/month

  • Perfect For

    Enterprise Hosting Solutions, Rendering, VPS Hosting Solutions, Data Mining

  • Quad, Hexa & Octo-Core Xeon CPU
  • 128GB to 1TB of RAM available
  • 4 day deployment
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Dual Processor From $239/month

  • Perfect For

    Web Hosting, Budget VPS Hosting, VPN, Email Servers, PBX VOIP, Load Balancers

  • Quad, Hexa & Octo-Core Xeon CPU
  • 16GB to 1TB of RAM available
  • 4 hour deployment
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Each dedicated server is custom built with the exact hardware & OS configuration you request. Upgrading later is easy!


Server Features

Choose the plan that's right for you

Features Self managed Fully managed
IPMI access Included Included
Service Monitoring with Email & SMS Alerts Included Included
DNS Management Interface Included Included
Network Layer Intrusion Detection System Included Included
IPv6 Support Included Included
Migration services Included
Proactive Monitoring from NOC Included
Security Detection / Protection Included
Free Cloud Storage 10GB 20GB

Server Addons

Max out your server with our wide range of addons

  • Managed Services

    Enhance any cPanel server with proactive managed services. Let our experts give you confidence and peace of mind.

  • Firewalls

    Stop internal & external attacks, prevent unauthorized access & achieve regulatory compliance w/ a Juniper hardware firewall.

  • Backup Storage

    Automated on/off-site backup solution allows you to rapidly protect important data or restore entire servers when needed.

  • Load Balancing

    Distribute your workload & throughput across multiple servers with our enterprise load-balancing solution.

  • SSL Certificates

    Ensure your online commerce is encrypted and secure with our industry leading SSL certificates.

  • DDoS

    Protect your server against malicious attacks with our DDoS mitigation.

  • Cloud Storage

    Each server includes 10GB of free cloud storage with upgrade options of up to 2TB storage available.


Buy Down Your Server

Every $500 down at signup lowers your monthly payment by $50

How much would you like to pay up front for your server?

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  • $3500
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