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Leading Price-to-Performance with Hosting's #1 Rated Support on a World-Class Network.
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Most popular dedicated server configurations.

Instant Servers: 50% off first month - use 50OFFINSTANT at checkout.
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4-Core XEON

$105 / mo
$49 / mo

E3-1230 v5 4-Core
3.4GHz Processor
32GB DDR4 Memory
480GB SSD Storage
20TB / 1Gbps


6-Core Ryzen

$149 / mo
$85 / mo

5600G 6-Core
3.9GHz Processor
32GB DDR4 Memory
480GB SSD Storage
20TB / 1Gbps

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8-Core XEON

$209 / mo
$109 / mo

E-2378 8-Core
2.6GHz Processor
64GB DDR4 Memory
480GB SSD Storage
20TB / 1Gbps

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16-Core XEON

$269 / mo
$119 / mo

Dual E-4309Y 8-Core
2.8GHz Processor
128GB DDR4 Memory
960GB SSD Storage
100TB / 1Gbps


16-Core EPYC

$417 / mo
$179 / mo

7351 16-Core
2.4GHz Processor
128GB DDR4 Memory
500GB NVME Storage
20TB / 10Gbps

The best global platform value.

Best performance for your budget.


No Setup Fees – Ever

16 Cores
100TB Transfer
$106/moNo Setup Fees - Ever
16 Cores
8TB Transfer
$227.84/mo+$80 Setup Fee
16 Cores
10TB Transfer
$249.00/mo+$299 Setup Fee
Liquid Web
16 Cores
10TB Transfer
$299.00/mo+$0 Setup Fee
16 Cores
32TB Transfer
$310.58/mo+$0 Setup Fee
8 Cores
100TB Transfer
$5,759.00/moIncludes $5k 100TB Transfer
16 Cores
100TB Transfer
$10,733.00/moIncludes $10,400k 100TB Transfer
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Top-rated, lightning-fast support.

Yes, affordable dedicated servers can come with world-class support.





"This all-star technical team is available round-the-clock showing competence, courtesy and (above everything else) commitment."

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Beyond traditional hosting.

A blend of performance, precision, and possibility.

Tailored Hardware, Deployed Instantly

Mix and match your servers’ specs. Whether you need fast nics for streaming, tons of diskspace for storage servers, or anything in between, we can build it for you. Deploy custom built bare metal servers in less than 7 minutes or customize your very own.


Full-Control and Root Access

Leverage root access for granular control, utilize IPMI support for enhanced hardware management, and drive automation with an API-integrated platform.

A Hivelocity team member is working in data center
Hivelocity team member is working on custom solution

Cloud-Like Scalability

Our dedicated web hosting services are not just customizable—they're an extension of your infrastructure vision. Tune your servers, scale your resources, and build your networks to withstand even the most demanding peaks.

All-In-One Hosting Hub

Integrate all of your Hivelocity services - from dedicated servers, to VPS hosting, to private networks - all under one, comprehensive, user-friendly dashboard.

A world-class network you can trust.

Reach 80% of the world’s population in less than 25ms.

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Private Network
0 Gbps
Transit Capacity
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"We host our game server network on Hivelocity hardware. We have tried a bunch of different providers and have never had more consistent performance than we do now."

Customizable deployment options.

Pick from a variety of operating systems, control panels, hardware options, and addons, or bring your own.

Rocky Linux
Cloud Linux
Custom ISO
Custom ISO

More than a dedicated server.

Custom Tailor Hardware

Fully customize your dedicated server’s hardware and software to meet your specific requirements. Add memory, NVMe drives, SSD drives, 10g+ NICs, and more.

Buckets of Free Transfer

Every server comes with at least 10TB of free outbound transfer. Many come with 100TB of free transfer. All inbound transfer and private transfer between your Hivelocity servers is 100% free.

IPv4 & IPv6

Every server comes with multiple usable IPv4 and Ipv6 addresses. You can add as many more as you like from our self-service portal.

Dedicated Backbone

Get the lowest latency in the industry. Our private backbone between sites accelerates your traffic to get it closest to your end user before going out over the public internet.

Private Networks

Create VLANs between your dedicated servers and virtual machines instantly with our self-service network automation.

Free DDOS Protection

We will automatically mitigate DDOS attacks on your machines using our network level DDOS protection.

Infrastructure as Code

Make your DevOps teams happy and build repeatable deployment pipelines using our API and Terraform Provider.


Free DNS Management

Use our global nameservers to host your domain. Accelerate your website load times and manage your entire IT infrastructure from one easy to use panel.

Global Footprint

Choose from 30+ cities across 6 continents for your dedicated server. Reach 80% of the world’s internet population in under 25ms.

Strasmore, Inc
Hivelocity has an extremely helpful and knowledgeable tech team, lightning speed support response time, and everyone at all levels are very approachable and are good listeners. Hivelocity helps us reach our customers in any region of the world and let us be next to them and provide them with the best technical support ever. Moreover, their consistency and high availability maintain our reputation at its finest.

Marc Chartouny Global Infrastructure Manager Strasmore, Inc.
Systemworks, LLC
Hivelocity dedicated servers have provided a rock solid solution to our Police DTS Cloud Application.The customer service and support staff are always available for any needs we have had over the years.The uptime and high performance of these dedicated servers have allowed us to concentrate on the development of our product and growth of our business!

Glenn Kuczer, CEO, Systemworks, LLC
Unihost Brasil
"We have an extremely positive experience with the Hivelocity service and quality, which helps our web hosting company to grow safely and reliably!"

Unihost Brasil Team


We hire the best, so you can get the best price.  We hire and retain top support and technical talent which makes us more efficient than the competition.

Our support team promptly and effectively addresses customer queries, leveraging their deep understanding of hosting technologies to troubleshoot issues faster than competitors.

Our technical experts optimize infrastructure, streamline processes, and continually upgrade our systems using cutting-edge technologies. This maximizes performance, reliability, and security while keep our costs dramatically lower than other dedicated server providers.

Our team’s constant exploration of new technologies and best practices allows us to stay innovative, enhance efficiency, and deliver improvements that result in cost savings for our customers.

Yes, any of our “non-instant” dedicated servers can be fully customized to your specifications with thousands of possible combinations. Available options include the choice between one to four processors, one to 100 hard drives, RAM ranging from 8GB to 1000GB, and everything in between.

To start, select your desired configuration from our list of available servers, and click the red “Configure” button to begin customizing your selection. On the following page, you’ll be given options to choose your Processor, Memory, Hard Drive, and more.

Depending on your selected OS, our Instant Deployment servers are ready to go in as little as 20 minutes. With an average deployment time of 7 minutes for our more popular configurations, your server can be ready within minutes of your purchase.

Typically, Windows-based servers take longer to deploy than Linux-based servers, and build-time may vary by location and selected configuration. Unless your desired configuration is outside of the norm, servers purchased through our Tampa, Dallas, and Los Angeles locations usually deploy the same day your order is placed. Other supported locations may take up to a week to deploy due to shipping.

No, we normally charge no setup fee for our dedicated servers. However, if you are ordering a custom-built server that requires custom hardware to be ordered, a setup fee may be added to account for this. This applies for our GPU server options as well.

For details regarding your intended build, call or chat with a sales agent today.

Yes, our Instant Deployment and Custom Built servers in our Tampa, Los Angeles, and Dallas locations are upgradeable. Options include the ability to upgrade to a better CPU, increase RAM, and add additional hard drives as needed.

To discuss your options, open a ticket with our Sales Team for information on pricing and availability. Upon acceptance, our team will coordinate with you to determine the best and most convenient time to perform your upgrade.

Custom-Built Servers: Our Custom-Built Servers all include 1 free IP. Once the server is online, additional IPs are available for purchase for $2.50/month per IP. To request additional IPs, open a support ticket with our sales team to discuss your options and pricing.

Instant Deployment Server: Our Instant Deployment Servers, depending on your selected configuration, can come with up to a /29 subnet.

Yes, you must order a full class-c at listed rates or bring your own IPs (one-time setup fee), contact sales or networking to setup.

If you need RAID 1, our Instant Deployment servers typically utilize software RAID. If you’re looking for RAID 5, 6, 10, or other, we can add this using a hardware RAID card.

In the Custom Built Server cart, after you’ve selected a second hard drive, options for RAID 1, 5, and 10 will be presented.

We offer SATA, SSD, and NVMe drives from 480GB up to 12TB. Depending on the size of the drive you’d like to add, additional monthly fees will vary. For more information, call or chat with our sales team today!

Yes, we offer managed services on Linux, Windows, and cPanel servers. Information about this service and details covering what it entails can be found on our Managed Services page.

If you have additional questions regarding specific services or options available, our sales team can be reached via phone or live chat, and will be happy to provide additional details.

Yes! You can call us for reboots of your server at 1-888-869-4678. Manual and remote reboots are a free service included with all of our servers and do not require you to have purchased our managed services.

For more information on what additional services are included with our Managed Services, check our Server Management page. Questions on a specific service? Call or chat with our sales team today!

Yes, if you subscribe to our managed services, 3rd party software can be installed for you. If you do not have managed services, 3rd party software can be installed for a flat rate of $100.

*Please Note: 3rd party software is installed on a best efforts basis. We are unable to troubleshoot or support 3rd party software, even on managed plans.

To verify exact server and software requirements needed for a specific 3rd party product to work properly, please consult with that product’s support department.

For more information on the services covered under Managed Services, check out our Server Management page. Questions on a specific service? Call or chat with our sales team today!

No, we do not outsource our technical support. When you call, live chat, or correspond with us via a trouble ticket, you can rest assured that you are working with a dedicated Hivelocity employee, on-site in one of our USA based data centers.

Have a question or placing a bulk order?

Our sales team is ready and waiting to help you craft the perfect solution at the perfect price for your use case.