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Let Hivelocity handle your
server management.

At Hivelocity, all our servers include live chat & phone support, 24/7 technical support, hardware diagnostics & replacements, OS reloads, network intrusion monitoring, and are protected by our network & hardware SLA. In addition to these great benefits, our Managed Services customers also receive OS updates and patches, server security hardening and monitoring, proactive service monitoring, and more. With managed server techs on-site within feet of your server 24/7/365, our Managed Services packages help ensure your servers are running optimally at all times.

Benefits of Dedicated Server Managed Services Include:

Advanced Security:

  1. Server hardening at provisioning and installation
  2. CSF firewall setup at provisioning
  3. LAMP stack hardening

Continuous Patching:

  1. OS updates maintained
  2. Security patching
  3. Rebootless updates with Kernal Care

Escalated Remediation:

  1. Automated updates
  2. Malware scanning with Maldet
  3. Performance optimization
  4. Instant action on hardware or service failures

Constant Monitoring:

  1. Proactive service monitoring
  2. Service discovery alerts
  3. RAID monitoring


*Due to the nature of highly customizable infrastructure, the installation and customization of certain applications and custom code may not be supported. The team at Hivelocity will make a best effort on all requests, but reserves the right to exclude the following items from our Managed Services offerings.

  • 3rd party applications and scripts
  • 3rd party plugins that are not supported and approved by the native application (cPanel)
  • Custom code and software
  • Custom database administration (beyond standard import, dumps, tuning, DB basic admin)
  • FFmpeg
  • Registrar DNS changes