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4-Core XEON

$105 / mo
$49 / mo

E3-1230 v5 4-Core
3.4GHz Processor
32GB DDR4 Memory
480GB SSD Storage
20TB / 1Gbps


6-Core Ryzen

$149 / mo
$85 / mo

5600G 6-Core
3.9GHz Processor
32GB DDR4 Memory
480GB SSD Storage
20TB / 1Gbps

Intel CPU Logo

8-Core XEON

$209 / mo
$109 / mo

E-2378 8-Core
2.6GHz Processor
64GB DDR4 Memory
480GB SSD Storage
20TB / 1Gbps

Intel CPU Logo

16-Core XEON Scalable

$269 / mo
$119 / mo

Dual 4309Y 8-Core
2.8GHz Processor
128GB DDR4 Memory
960GB SSD Storage
100TB / 1Gbps

Quick benefits


Access 100% of your favorite game’s capabilities with a dedicated game server.


Fully customize your server with the games, software, and hardware add-ons you want.


Nothing beats the security of a dedicated server with our included DDoS protection.


Dedicated servers let you achieve optimal performance at minimal cost.

Managed services

Worry-free dedicated server management starting at $35/mo.

Let our team of on-site experts
make your life easier.

No matter how you game,
Hivelocity’s got you covered.

Whether exploring new lands, battling it out in the grittiest arena’s, or building sprawling worlds with your friends, Hivelocity’s high-performance servers have the power to unlock your favorite game’s full potential.

Not sure which games benefit from having their own dedicated game server?
The following are just a few of the many popular games players like you are enjoying right now with their own dedicated servers.


The best selling game of all time, Minecraft helped establish the foundational elements of the survival genre and remains one of the most played games across the world. Whether you want to create your own custom instances brimming with 3rd-party mods or host a community of like-minded players, a Minecraft dedicated game server can help ensure your block-building adventures never end.

Want to know all about the benefits a dedicated server can bring to your Minecraft experience? Check out our article, How to Make a Great Minecraft Server.

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Easily one of the most popular games ever created, Fortnite takes PUBG’s battle royale formula and perfects it, adding a healthy dose of zany chaos and Hollywood-inspired storytelling. 3rd-party media tie-ins and rotating battle passes keep matches interesting, while a huge community of creators develop nearly endless new game modes within Fortnite Creative. With your own Fortnite dedicated game server you can minimize your team’s lag during battle royale matches while maximizing your world-building freedom in Fortnite’s Creative mode as well.

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ARK: Survival Evolved

One of the more recent survival games released, ARK combines multiplayer PvPvE combat with unique dinosaur taming and base-building mechanics. While groups can band together in tribes, the player vs player nature of the game means it’s all too common to find your base in a state of disarray, ransacked by other players in the middle of the night. If you’re tired of leaving your hard work at the mercy of internet strangers, you might be in the market for your own ARK dedicated game server. Control who shares your island with you and add custom mods to craft a world that’s entirely your own with a dedicated game server.

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Developed by Facepunch studios, the team responsible for Garry’s Mod, and released in 2018, Rust is an open world, PvPvE, multiplayer survival game. With a strong emphasis on player vs. player combat, resource gathering, and base-building, Rust combines familiar elements of Minecraft with the popular ARMA 2 mod, DayZ, replacing zombies with hostile wildlife. In a world populated entirely by enemy players, survival is challenging, and untimely deaths and inventory resets can occur frequently. If you’re sick of the grind and looking to take back control of your survival experience, a Rust dedicated game server might be the exact solution you’re looking for.

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If you like your block-based sandbox games flat as an old-school side scroller, then you’re probably already a fan of Terraria. First released in 2011 by Re-Logic, Terraria uses procedurally generated worlds, much like Minecraft, to create open playgrounds for players to build, destroy, and explore. With your own Terraria dedicated game server, you can host private worlds for your friends, add custom mods, and take full control of your adventure.

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So, whether you play one of these games or other popular titles like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, Conan Exiles, Space Engineers, Garry’s Mod, and more, nothing beats the performance and reliability of a dedicated server.

A self healing, global network
you can trust.

When every millisecond counts, your network’s speed and reliability are paramount. Don’t let an inferior network lead your team to defeat. With a Hivelocity game server and our international network of intelligently-routed transit providers, you can rest easy knowing your game will run smoothly every time.

Premium security for you
and your players.

Keep logins and passwords for you and your players locked up tight with a single-tenant game server hosting solution from Hivelocity. Our Juniper hardware firewalls stop malicious traffic in its tracks and our built-in DDoS protection will help keep your game up and running even in the face of massive denial of service attacks.

When security and protection are a must, nothing beats the superior performance of a dedicate dserver.

Ready to level up?

With premium speed, reliability, and security, it’s easy to see how a dedicated game server from Hivelocity can give you a gaming experience like no other: optimal performance at an unbeatable price.

So, are you ready to take your game to the next level?