Hivelocity was founded in 2002 by a few guys with a single mission to create an exceptional company with a singular focus on simplifying hosting. Starting with a rack of servers located in the quintessential basement, (every great start-up story starts in a basement or garage after all) our vision was to build a hosting company that not only supported customer growth but fostered it as well. The credo back then, as it is today, was the more successful our customers are, the more successful we will be. Hivelocity’s goal has always been to do whatever possible, whenever possible to put our customers in the best position to succeed, with the simple hope that success would eventually lead to needing more servers.

This philosophy of taking a vested interest in each customer’s success worked just as we had hoped and over time our shared hosting customers began requesting dedicated servers to satisfy their growing resource needs. Hivelocity quickly outgrew that old server closet, moved out of that dingy basement and now owns and operates over 60,000 square feet of data space across the southeast where it provides a full spectrum of cloud and hosting services. Today Hivelocity provides dedicated servers, colocation and cloud hosting solutions to thousands of businesses from over 130 countries around the world. We are the home to over 10,000 servers and have the infrastructure in place to accommodate 10,000 more.

Through all of the growth and all of the added service offerings our mission has never changed; provide our customers with a solution and environment that puts them in the best position to succeed. To us this means providing incredibly reliable solutions that allow our customers to focus on running their business. It means providing a level of customer service and support that far exceeds your expectations. It means always considering the customer’s user experience first in everything we do and offer. Lastly, it means doing all of these things at a price point that enables your business to flourish.

Hivelocity is a privately held company that employs 50 of the best people in the business. Every day we deploy bare-metal servers built to your exact specifications, virtual servers and both public and private cloud hosted solutions. Our data centers maintain compliance for HIPAA, PCI and an SSAE-16 certification. We offer our colocated customers 24/7 private and secure access to their locking cabinets within our facility. Today Hivelocity provides a wide range of bleeding edge solutions and software for thousands of businesses big and small.

  • Thanks guys! You make hosting sound like fun, although I am aware of the tremendous effort you need to make to keep everyone happy and online. — Bluewavehost