While our competitors may advertise DDoS protection, most often they are merely implementing easily evaded router rules or simply black holing your server when it gets attacked which they consider “DDoS protecting their network.” Neither of these solutions should give any online business comfort since both likely end with the attacked server being taken offline. At Hivelocity, we take the responsibility of keeping your server(s) online very seriously and offer two very serious forms of DDoS protection.

FREE Every solution we provide includes our Filtering Edge of Network System (FENS). FENS is a series of proprietary systems that proactively monitors and protects the entire Hivelocity Network from most common Denial of Service (DOS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.
$15/MONTH PER SERVER For an extra fee you can enhance your server’s protection further with the addition of our Server Defense System. Our Server Defense System sits in front of your server inspecting inbound data looking for malicious traffic and instantly begins scrubbing each data packet the moment an attack is detected. Hivelocity’s Server Defense System delivers business continuity during massive and complex attacks.

Think of your server as a brick-and-mortar business and FENS as a fence surrounding your business deterring and shielding you from most common nefarious activity. Our Server Defense System is like adding an alarm and armed guard at your business who alerts you and destroys anything that might try jumping the fence. Our Server Defense System utilizes internally developed proprietary systems in addition to Corero’s Threat Defense Smartwalls for data packet scrubbing. Each of our data centers is a scrubbing center with Corero Smartwalls on premise allowing us to provide on-prem zero-lag data scrubbing.

Protect your server
Network and Transport Layer Attacks
  • SYN Flood
  • UDP Flood & Fragmentation
  • ICMP Flood
  • Ping Attacks
  • Smurf
  • Reflective Attacks
  • DNS Attacks
  • ACK and Push Flood
  • Fragmented ACK
Application Layer Attacks
  • HTTP Flood
  • SMTP Flood
  • Slow Reading Attack
  • Sockstress
  • Slow HTTP POS
  • We've been hosting multiple services with Hivelocity for around 5 years. Amazing prices, awesome support, and zero downtime. 5 star hosting provider. — Ed - worldstarhiphop.com