Others may advertise DDoS protection, but often they are merely implementing router rules to block attacks. As attacks become more sophisticated these rule sets are easily evaded leaving the host no choice but to null-route the target server until the attack is over. If you cannot afford to have your online presence taken offline for hours or days, we encourage you to add our enterprise grade protection service to your server.

Hivelocity protects you from a broad range of DDoS attacks using our internally developed proprietary toolset in conjunction with the Corero Smartwall Network Threat Defense appliance. Our systems monitor our network, inspect and identify malicious traffic, and mitigate attacks the moment they begin. We block attacks at the edge of our network and scrub data packets, allowing only good traffic through to your servers. Hivelocity DDoS protection allows you to conduct business as usual as if no attack is happening at all.

Protect your server
Network and Transport Layer Attacks
  • SYN Flood
  • UDP Flood & Fragmentation
  • ICMP Flood
  • Ping Attacks
  • Smurf
  • Reflective Attacks
  • DNS Attacks
  • ACK and Push Flood
  • Fragmented ACK
Application Layer Attacks
  • HTTP Flood
  • SMTP Flood
  • Slow Reading Attack
  • Sockstress
  • Slow HTTP POS
GOLDFilters and blocks attacks up to 4Gbps, up to 24 hours per mo.
PLATINUMFilters and blocks attacks up to 10Gbps, up to 48 hours per mo.
COMPLETEFilters and blocks attacks up to 20Gbps, up to 96 hours per mo.
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