Flat Rate Pricing

On July 5th 2019, cPanel announced they would be killing off their long standing licensing model of allowing unlimited accounts on a dedicated server for a flat fee and shifting to an “account based billing model”. cPanel’s new account based licencing model is both confusing and more expensive.

Our goal in everything we do is to make our customer’s lives easy and offer incredible value. You will not find an easier or less expensive way to run a cPanel dedicated server than the Hivelocity’s 3-tie approach.

3 Scalable and Predictable Tiers

High Demand

1-500 Accounts

$32 / mo

501-1000 Accounts

$65 / mo

+$.10 per additional account

1001+ Accounts

$117 / mo

How Much Does cPanel Cost Elsewhere?

Per Month Account-Based Bare-Metal Dedicated Server

cPanel Pricing

Providers50 Accounts250 Accounts500 Accounts750 Accounts1500 Accounts

Configure a cPanel server now, and bring back flat rates pricing

Why is this great?

Free Migration

Hivelocity is bringing flat rate fees and predictable cPanel licensing back to the hosting and Iaas industry.

24/7 On/Prem Support

As always Hivelocity’s tech support works on premise and is available 24/7/365 to our customer via phone, chat and ticket.

cPanel Managed Services

Let us manage your cPanel server so you can always rest easy.