Hivelocity EDGE Pod

Enterprise Compute in your Data Center

Automate Bare-Metal in your own data center using our low footprint orchestration layer.  Provision servers, automate Layer 2 private networks, control IPMI, and more through our cloud control panel and robust API.
Consume your own Bare Metal as a Service.

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Up to 500Gbps of traffic from Hivelocity's Enterprise platform
– in as little as ½ rack footprint in your data center.

How it Works

Enterprise BMaaS Solution in <90 Days

We install the infrastructure.

Networking, compute, and orchestration installed in your locations, specifically designed for your use case.

You use our tools to manage and sell.

With Hivelocity’s API, whitelabel portal and DevOps tools, developers can integrate and manage infrastructure from anywhere.

We provide management and support.

Networking, compute and orchestration are fully managed and supported by the Hivelocity team of experts – 24/7/365.

Two Configuration Options to Choose From


Bare Metal EDGE Pod

  • Fully redundant solution
  • Can be installed in any major data center around the globe within 90 days

Perfect for:

  • A manufacturing facility that requires process control systems to run close to the factory floor
  • Telecommunications provider looking to distribute compute and storage to cell towers or EDGE POP sites for caching or processing

Minimum two-rack installation


Bare Metal EDGE Micro-Pod

  • Fully redundant solution
  • Collapsed into a space-efficient design to maximize compute

Perfect for:

  • Audio/ visual processing and rendering of animation or CAD designs by leveraging on-premise GPU compute
  • Live in-person streaming events that require a low-latency experience for the end-users

Minimum ½ rack/20u footprint

Ready to expand, need more resources?

Hivelocity will help you to expand your Pod or Micro-Pod within days.

Benefits of bare metal as a service

Single tenant, optimal performance

Single-tenant Dedicated Infrastructure, no sharing of resources.

Fixed price certainty

Public cloud efficiency with pricing you can depend on – no surprise hikes.

Speed and flexibility

Run geographically diverse workloads, set up anywhere in the world in <90 days.

Hivelocity’s enterprise platform

Control fully automated bare metal deployments from our enterprise platform.

Why at the EDGE?

Unbeatable Performance.
Access real-time processing
– anywhere.

Super-low latency maximizes performance
by shifting workloads closer to the users,
customers, and endpoints.

The best performance for:

Performance and Flexibility

Up to 500Gbps of Traffic
from a Single EDGE Base Micro-Pod
(½ rack/20u footprint)

Secure maximum throughput (spine/leaf network configuration), capable of serving over 500Gbps of traffic from a single EDGE Base/Micro Pod.

Interact programmatically with your infrastructure using our Robust REST API. Anything you can do from our control panel, you can do from our API. With integrations to Terraform, Ansible, and your other favorite ops tools, repeatable single tenant bare metal is just a config file away.

Leverage our robust global supply chain to procure, build, and deploy additional bare metal in any of your data centers around the world.  Get additional capacity when you need it, not just when its available.

Strasmore, Inc
Hivelocity has an extremely helpful and knowledgeable tech team, lightning speed support response time, and everyone at all levels are very approachable and are good listeners. Hivelocity helps us reach our customers in any region of the world and let us be next to them and provide them with the best technical support ever. Moreover, their consistency and high availability maintain our reputation at its finest.

Marc Chartouny Global Infrastructure Manager Strasmore, Inc.
Systemworks, LLC
Hivelocity dedicated servers have provided a rock solid solution to our Police DTS Cloud Application.The customer service and support staff are always available for any needs we have had over the years.The uptime and high performance of these dedicated servers have allowed us to concentrate on the development of our product and growth of our business!

Glenn Kuczer, CEO, Systemworks, LLC
Unihost Brasil
"We have an extremely positive experience with the Hivelocity service and quality, which helps our web hosting company to grow safely and reliably!"

Unihost Brasil Team