Manage All Your
Servers and More
with the myVelocity
Control Panel

Whether you maintain a single server or
hundreds, myV lets you monitor
them all from one, easy-to-use interface.

What is myVelocity?

Whether you’re rebooting your servers, tracking new orders, or analyzing data on your bandwidth usage, the myVelocity customer portal lets you monitor and maintain your digital infrastructure from anywhere. Submit support tickets, update DNS records, and receive configurable updates via text or email. With myV, you have complete control over your dedicated server hosting at your fingertips.

Some of myVelocity’s features include:

myVelocity features list.

01Monitor, backup, and restore services.

View rolling 5 day restore points and request rapid restore of your data.

02Live order tracker.

Watch as your server is built, configured, and racked. As soon as your order is complete, you’ll be presented with login information.

03Networking automation.

Self-serve public and private networking configurations including Layer 2 VLANs, IPv4 subnets, Internet Gateways, and more. Enable hypervisor-style deployments and leverage K8s to achieve cloud-like automation at a fraction of the cost. Now with automated port bonding.

04DNS manager.

Easily manage all your domains with myVelocity’s new hosted DNS manager. Supports SOA, NS, A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT, SPF, and SRV records.

05Bandwidth monitoring.

Monitor your server’s bandwidth usage in real time.

06Email/text message monitoring alerts.

Monitor your servers’ health via our IPMI management interface.


Quick access to all vital sections of your account.

08Account management.

Easy to look at and simple to use. Manage all aspects of your account at Hivelocity with ease.

09Two-factor authentication.

Secure your account with your mobile phone as an authentication method. Easy setup for super security.

10Lightning fast responses.

Open trouble tickets, remotely reboot your server, and enable service monitoring, all while knowing that your server is backed by one of the best tech teams on the planet. Responses in minutes, not hours or days.

myVelocity: new updates and improvements.

At Hivelocity we’re always working to improve our customers’ experience with our dedicated server hosting solutions. The following are a list of recent updates to our myVelocity customer portal, bringing greater control over your servers and services.

Device Details updates

01At a glance view.

Get the information you need fast with our new At a Glance View, including details on:

  • Managed Services Information
  • Device Hardware Details
  • Billing Renewal Date

02Easy access to Power and Restart functions.

Easily power off or restart your servers from the Device Details page. In addition, we’ve added a “Pending” power status indicator.

03New design for inline tags.

We’ve updated device tags to make them more user friendly.

04New design for “Temporary Login Details”.

Accessing the temporary login credentials for your server is easier than ever.

05Simplified “Hardware Upgrade” and “OS Reload” forms.

We’ve simplified the forms required to complete hardware upgrades and OS reloads to make them more user friendly.

06Updates to “Managed Services” section.

In addition to a new banner quickly linking curious clients to information about our managed services program, we’ve also streamlined the onboarding process, making it easier than ever to sign up for managed services. We’ve also updated the managed services header, giving users more crucial information about their services at a glance.