Case Study l How companies are using
our platform to grow and innovate.

Feedonomics Processes Billions of Products Every Day using Hivelocity’s IaaS


Feedonomics combines best-in-class technology and service to list products everywhere people shop online, including Google Shopping, Amazon, Facebook and Instagram.  They rely on Hivelocity’s incredible support and world-class network to run their infrastructure.

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Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence saves 500% by replacing AWS with Bare-Metal 



Software Kubernetes | Previous: IBM Softlayer

“In Hivelocity we finally found a data center provider that delivers a reliable, fast network connectivity, the best hardware and quality support. Their support team responds to us promptly in minutes – – not hours. The difference between IBM Softlayer and Hivelocity is night and day.”

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Facilitating growth for a cloud-based,high-performance computing provider


Requirements: Stringent security

“Security is a priority for us. Hivelocity was able to deliver on our compliance requirements. Sabalcore’s buisness is expanding rapidly. Thanks to Hivelocity’s scale, we’ve been able to grow the buisness by adding servers and throughput and have not needed to worry about the facilities being able to support them “

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Expansion fueled by savings, performance and zero down time


Previous: IBM Softlayer

“In our industry, reliability is paramount. When we get a server, it is not about price but reliability and service which Hivelocity provides to us plus more. Their hardware is top notch and their data center infrastructure and services are great. Partenering with Hivelocity is as close to perfect as you can get. “

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Delivering peace of mind with superior security and HIPAA data protection


Requirements: Stringent Security

“Hivelocity keeps our system up to date and at a high level of security minimizing any concerns about security or certifications; plus they’re highly reliable. When you put everything they provide together it’s impressive, but you still need a really good team of security, software and server experts – who are also responsive and collaborative – to make it work and Hivelocity does that very well too. “

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Fleetistics Dumps Azure’s Costly Cloud for the Stability and Predictability of Hosting with Hivelocity


Fleetistics | SaaS

 Previous: Microsoft Azure

“By moving away from the ever-rising costs, unreliable uptime and disruptions caused by constant upgrades and patches for Microsoft Azure’s cloud, to the server-based hosting services from Hivelocity, we gained control and predictability over our business. This resulted in decreased costs of 25%-30%, which we were able to pass along to our customers while also improving service, which makes us more competitive.”

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Agent Black Hosting Entrusts Hivelocity With Next-Level of Growth

Agent Black Hosting | SaaS

Previous: Microsoft Azure

“Hivelocity worked closely with us to develop the infrastructure we needed to bring our clients the best shared hosting environment at a reasonable cost. They have also allowed us to tap into their vast system management experience which helps us keep our infrastructure running at peak performance so we can focus on serving our clients and attracting new customers to our platform.”

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