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10+ Core Locations, 15+ Edge Locations, 2+ Tbps Transit Capacity

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Transit Partners

Our network is a premium blend of independent tier-1 carriers, providing enterprise-grade performance and reliability, and enabling us to intelligently route traffic around network congestion.

North and South America

Europe and Africa

Asia and Australia

Firewalls mean your server will never consumes resources protecting itself.

Our Juniper hardware firewalls offload the work so your server never has to consume resources protecting itself from malicious traffic. A single firewall can be used to protect multiple servers.

DDoS Protection and Packet Scrubbing ensure only valid data reaches your site.

We block over 90% of malicious traffic at the edge of our network. With the extra ability to enable Corero Smartwall data scrubbing, we ensure every packet of data that reaches your server is valid.

Dedicated 100 Gbps ports available to meet extraordinary requirements.

Extraordinary requirements need extraordinary capacity. Hivelocity is able to provide dedicated up to 100 Gbps ports of your transmission requirements.

NEW! Anycast IPs.

A client must order a full class-c at listed rates or bring your own IPs (one-time setup fee), contact sales or networking to setup. IPs are announced across multiple locations with servers at each of those locations to provide the same resources from those locations. The client would need to setup healthchecks that would determine if those IPs from that location should be stopped being announced (if resources are not available) so that traffic can be sent to the other locations. All locations would need to have the same content medi, dns, or any service the client wishes to offer.

Peering Partners

Moving data effectively across the Internet requires choosing the best possible route for transmission. Our direct peer relationships give us the choices we need to find the optimal path for your data.

100 +
Direct Peers
1000 +
ASNs Worldwide
1000 +
Visible ASNs

Up to 100 Gbps Private Network –
communicate quickly and securely.

Don’t hobble your cluster solution with a poor network backend. Our to 10Gbps private network is the foundation of a fast, scalable, clustered backend infrastructure.

Private Storage and Backup over Private VLAN, Works with AWS

See the difference our network makes.

Strasmore, Inc
Hivelocity has an extremely helpful and knowledgeable tech team, lightning speed support response time, and everyone at all levels are very approachable and are good listeners. Hivelocity helps us reach our customers in any region of the world and let us be next to them and provide them with the best technical support ever. Moreover, their consistency and high availability maintain our reputation at its finest.

Marc Chartouny Global Infrastructure Manager Strasmore, Inc.
Systemworks, LLC
Hivelocity dedicated servers have provided a rock solid solution to our Police DTS Cloud Application.The customer service and support staff are always available for any needs we have had over the years.The uptime and high performance of these dedicated servers have allowed us to concentrate on the development of our product and growth of our business!

Glenn Kuczer, CEO, Systemworks, LLC
Unihost Brasil
"We have an extremely positive experience with the Hivelocity service and quality, which helps our web hosting company to grow safely and reliably!"

Unihost Brasil Team
A network built for global performance!
Reach 80% of the world's internet population within 25ms

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