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How to Create DNS Records in Plesk

Setting up Domain Name System (DNS) records is a crucial component of any website. After all, it’s unlikely visitors can access your site if it doesn’t have a domain name they can search for. While this process is relatively straight-forward, it can vary greatly depending on your server’s operating system

How to Enable Ruby Support in Plesk Onyx

While Plesk offers users multiple languages to script in, if you’re a Plesk user who prefers the Ruby programming language, you might find Plesk’s out-of-the-box offerings less than desirable. Luckily, through the use of an extension, Plesk Onyx can support Ruby as well. With the Ruby extension, you’ll be deploying

How to Enable Docker Support in Plesk Onyx

One of the new features of Plesk Onyx is the ability for users to manage their docker containers entirely within their Plesk control panel. In this guide we’ll cover the steps necessary to activate Docker support in your Plesk Onyx environment. *Note: Docker support functionality is not available in Plesk

How to Enable Node.js Support in Plesk Onyx

Among its various features, Plesk Onyx offers support for the Node.js runtime environment. If you are unfamiliar with Node.js, it is an open-source, cross-platform, event-driven environment primarily used for developing server-side Web applications.  In this guide, we’ll cover the process necessary to enable Node.js support on your Plesk Onyx account.

How to Install the WordPress Toolkit Using Plesk Onyx In 8 Easy Steps

What is the WordPress Toolkit? The WordPress Toolkit is an extension designed to streamline the installation and configuration of WordPress (WP) for servers using the Plesk control panel. By emphasizing one-click solutions for many of WordPress’s more time-consuming features, the WordPress Toolkit is designed to give users a more simplified

How to Install Let’s Encrypt in Plesk Onyx

Let’s Encrypt is a free SSL/TLS service provided by the Internet Security Research Group in an effort to create a more secure internet. If you’re a Plesk user, Let’s Encrypt can be added using a Plesk extension. In this guide, we’ll cover the process necessary to enable Let’s Encrypt on

How to Enable Protection Against Clickjacking in Plesk Onyx

If you’re a Plesk user running the Plesk Onyx control panel, your server might be vulnerable to a malicious technique known as clickjacking. For those unfamiliar with the term, clickjacking (also known as a “UI redress attack”) is a technique involving transparent overlays where a user is tricked into clicking

How to Repair MySQL Databases with the Plesk (Onyx) Repair Utility

The Plesk repair utility allows users to easily check and repair their Mysql database servers by verifying the integrity of their databases and database users. In this guide we’ll cover the steps necessary to check and repair your databases using the repair utility.   Repairing MySQL Databases with Plesk To

How to Repair Plesk Database with Plesk (onyx) repair utility

Plesk repair utility check the Plesk database for consistency. If any issues are found the plesk repair utility creates a dump of the databases and attempts to correct them. In order to check the Plesk database and fix the issues Login to your Plesk onyx server with root user Use

How to Install Server Health Monitor in Plesk Onyx

The Server Health Monitor in Plesk Onyx helps users keep their Plesk installations running smoothly by tracking the system’s resource usage and notifying them when any resource usage exceeds a pre-defined limit. In this guide, we’ll cover the steps necessary to install the Plesk Server Health Monitor to ensure your

What is Plesk Onyx and What are Its Features?

What is Plesk Onyx? Plesk Onyx is the newest and smoothest upgrade of the traditional Plesk control panel. Originally released in 2001, Plesk is one of the leading control panel solutions for both Linux and Windows servers. Now, with a multitude of improved features, the new Plesk Onyx even supports