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Single tenant cloud environments on dedicated hardware with predictable & controlled costs. 100% of the resources belong to you, improving security and boosting performance.

Automatic Failover

Create Networks Between VMs


Failover and High Availability
Any Virtual Machine can be designated High Availability. If it’s Host fails, another instance will be restarted on a different Host.

KVM Virtualization or OpenVZ
Choose the Hypervisor best suited to your virtualized instances’ operating system and your projected usage patterns.

Live Migration of VMs
Move a running virtual machine between different Hypervisor Servers without interruption.

Manage VMs from Any Hypervisor
Virtual machines can be managed from any Hypervisor Node in the cloud.

No Resources Wasted on Controller
A Controller Node is not required for this configuration, so all of your phyiscal resources can be allocated toward creating Virtual Machines in your cloud.

Simple Control Panel
Proxmox’s simple control panel allows quick configuration of Virtual Machines.

Create Networks Between VMs
Networks can be created between Virtual Machines, isolating Hypervisors and maximizing performance.


Custom Solution & Build

Each Private Cloud begins with a consultation. Our Cloud Engineers listen, ask questions, and work with you to develop a solution.

Massive Scalability

Our engineers will architect a Private Cloud solution that meets your needs today while scaling to accommodate your needs for years to come.

Online within minutes

Deploy a ProxMox private cloud instantly. Choose your server specifications and launch.

Our expert staff of engineers can design a solution perfect for you.
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