Do you Offer Backup Services?

Wo do! Hivelocity's Daily Server Snapshot & Restore Point service assures that your data is always backed up and always easy to recover.

We begin by taking a full system backup of 100% of your server's data over our private network. Each day thereafter we will perform a new incremental backup while creating a new restore point for you to access whenever needed. We maintain 5 separate restore points from each of the 5 previous days at all times.

In the event of data loss, data corruption or a server virus, you simply login to your myVelocity panel and select which of the five backups listed you wish to restore from. We are able to restore a single file, directory, partition or even your entire server, including the OS and configurations (bare-metal restore), back to its status from the restore point of your choosing. Because this service runs on our private network both backups and restores are lightning quick and never tax your public network.

  • Cross platform backup for both Windows and Linux servers
  • Restore files, directories, partitions or entire server including OS and config
  • Backups and restores performed over our private network
  • Restores average over 100GB of data per hour
  • 5 restore points with the 5 previous day's of data maintained
  • Affordable and easy way to insure your business's data integrity
  • Your data is backed up to redundant enterprise storage
  • Additional storage available as your data grows
  • Dynamic backup usage stats displayed within myVelocity
If you do purchase one of our storage plans we recommend you choose a plan that provides ample space for data growth. We typically suggest a plan with twice as much available space as you have data. For instance, if you have 500GB of data, then you should choose our 1TB storage solution. This allows for accommodation of data growth from things that you may not think about like log files, emails and images.


  • 500GB - $29
  • 1000GB - $59
  • 1500GB - $99
  • 2000GB - $169
  • 3000GB - $239
  • 4000GB - $309
  • 5000GB - $379

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