Why Does SMTP Not Appear in the IIS Manager?

Sometimes, after the installation of the SMTP service on Windows Server 2003, the SMTP tree may not appear in the IIS Manager console. Thankfully, there are two methods for troubleshooting this.   Ensuring SMTP Appears in the IIS Manager Method 1) First, click the Start button, then Run… Now, type:

Converting Basic Disk to Dynamic Disk in Windows 2k and 2k3

Luckily, converting Basic disks to Dynamic disks don’t require reboots. However, any volumes contained on these disks after the conversion will generate a popup informing you a re-boot is necessary before the volumes can be used. Generally, you do not need to reboot until all the volumes are identified and

A Quick Way of Finding a Website Using All Resources in Windows

Finding a website in windows that has bad asp code eating up cpu or ram isn’t fun. After you acquire the PID of the dllhost.exe you have to go into Component services and that can take forever… So instead, once you get the PID from Task Manager, try this: Go

How Do I Install RDP?

What is RDP? RDP, or Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol Client is a windows-based software that allows connection to a terminal-server either via a local LAN connection or through remote connection via the internet.   Installing RDP The following procedure details the steps necessary to install RDP. Step One – Downloading

How Do I Boot Into Rescue Mode?

Rescue mode provides the ability to boot a small Linux environment entirely from CD-ROM, or via an alternative boot method, rather than the system’s hard drive. As the name implies, rescue mode is provided to rescue you from situations in which you may have limited access to your system. When

Install mail server / clients

If there’s no control panel on the server, then a mailserver should already be installed. If this is not the case, then in Windows you may install an SMTP server through Add/Remove Programs -> Add/Remove Windows Components -> Application Server -> Internet Information Service -> SMTP Service. An SMTP server

How can I secure / increase the security of SSH?

There are a few adjustments that can and should be made to the default SSHD configuration to increase security. Traditionally, this has been especially true of RedHat-based systems, which included weak default configurations. The main point of interest is the /etc/ssh/sshd_config file. To cause changes made in this file to

Change NIC settings between Full / Half duplex

If you are experiencing slow speeds and packet loss on a Linux server, you may need to have the NIC settings restored to full duplex, to accomplish this please do the following: Login to server as root and run the following commands: ethtool eth0 (or eth1, etc) If you get

What is Midnight Commander (MC)?

Midnight Commander (also known as MC) is a GNU “Swiss army knife” for the Linux console and other terminal environments. As a cross-platform file manager, Midnight Commander gives users who may be newer to Linux a menu driven console experience which is much easier to learn than standard Unix commands.

Install a Perl Module

On a server with CPanel, you can log into the WHM and install it there. If for some reason doesn’t work for you, you can log into the shell as root and install it via the command line. Once logged in, from any directory, type: echo “HTML::Template” | /usr/local/cpanel/whostmgr/bin/perlmod -i