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Convert Basic disk to Dynamic Disk in win 2k and 2k3

Converting Basic disks to Dynamic disks don’t require reboots – however any volumes contained on them after the conversion will generate a popup that basically says a re-boot is necessary before the volumes can be used. I generally say – NO, do not reboot – until all the volumes are identified and all the popups go away, then perform a single re-boot.

Windows 2000 introduces the idea of a dynamic disk needed for fault tolerant configurations. To convert perform the following:

  1. Start Computer Manager
  2. Expand Storage – Disk Management.
  3. Right click on the disk and select ‘Upgrade to Dynamic Disk’
  4. Select the disks to upgrade and click OK
  5. A summary will be displayed.
  6. Click Upgrade
  7. Click Yes to the confirmation
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