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Quick way of finding a website using all resources in windows

Finding a website in windows that has bad asp code etc that eats cpu/ram etc is not fun due to the fact that after you get the PID of the dllhost.exe you have to go into Component services and that can take FOREVER!!!

So once you get the PID in task manager, do this

Go to C:\utils\pstools and run processexplorer

Find the process and click on it, in the lower window it will show you files that its access and that path – thus giving you the info you need.

If Process Explorer isn’t installed on the winbox you can download and install it here:

Once process explorer is installed, it can be used to identify this issue as well as giving opportunities to speed up the other processes on your system. For a quick guide on speeding up your PC, check out this article by Comparitech, covering different methods to help make your old PC run like new again.



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