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Backing up your server with Acronis

Registering a new windows Machine

  1. From the device to be registered log into: with your user/password

  2. Select Devices and click add

  3. Select Windows under either Servers or Workstations as appropriate for your device and you will be prompted to download the client installer

  4. Run the installer, when this is complete you will be prompted to register the device. Click register to be directed to the backup portal.

  5. Select register again from within the backup portal

  6. Click enable backup on the newly registered device

  7. Choose what to backup and set retention and encryption as needed.

  8. If applicable, application specific options for a MSSQL, Exchange, or Active directory server are available.

  9. Click the create button when done.

  10. Click Backup Now to run the new plan immediately.

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