How to Back up the IIS configuration

Back Up the IIS Configuration

To back up your IIS configuration, follow these steps:

1.In the IIS snap-in on the local computer, click the Computer icon under Internet Information Services.
2.Click Action and select Backup/Restore Configuration.
3.Click Create backup, choose a name for your backup file, and then click OK.NOTE: The default location of the backup is the %SystemRoot%\system32\inetsrv\MetaBack folder. If you want to save your backup file to another location, you can copy the file from this default location to another location. Keep a copy in the default location to allow for an easy restoration. Note that by default, C:\Winnt is the %SystemRoot% folder in Microsoft Windows 2000.

4.Click Close.NOTE: This backup method provides a way to restore only your IIS settings, not your content files. This backup method does not work if you reinstall your operating system. Backup files cannot be used to restore an IIS configuration on other computers that are running Windows 2000.
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