How to Install Docker on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

First, log in to your Ubuntu server as the root user using your favorite SSH client. Next, you’ll want to update your operating system with all the latest packages. To do this, use the command: sudo apt-get update To install Docker, you will first need to install the Docker Package

How to Install and Configure phpMyAdmin on Ubuntu 14.04

Installing phpMyAdmin To install phpMyAdmin on your Ubuntu 14.04 server, just follow these 10 easy steps! First, log in to your Ubuntu server with root user using your favorite SSH client Next, you’ll want to update your operating system with all the latest packages. To do this, use the command:

How to Install Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

What is Nginx? Nginx is a free, open-source, high performance web server. It cache’s static content such as images and html files and retrieves them without having to access Apache, thus improving speed, memory usage, and processor overhead.   Installing Nginx on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS To install Nginx on your

Attention: Dirty Cow Exploit Affects Linux Servers- Information and Instruction

Attention, A recent exploit known as Dirty Cow has been discovered that affects Linux servers. You can find information regarding this exploit at; At this time if you have KernelCare your server should already be patched. To check that kernelcare has patched your server you can run

How to Install IIS 8 on Windows Server 2012

What is IIS? IIS, or Internet Information Service, is a web server designed to work with the Windows operating system. Using HTTP protocol, it helps direct user requests online to their target’s specific TCP ports.   Installing IIS Since IIS is a feature integrated into Windows, installing it is very

What is LiteSpeed?

LiteSpeed Web Server LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server from LiteSpeed technologies. It can be used to replace an existing Apache server without changing any other programs or operating system details. Best of all, it can be integrated without breaking anything. As such, LiteSpeed Web Server

How to Change a Password in Linux

In this guide, we’ll cover how to change a password in Linux using the passwd command followed by the name of the desired user. This method can be used to change the password for the root user as well as for individual users. *Note: before changing any passwords, it is

What is KernelCare and Why Should You Use It?

What is Kernel? The kernel is the central module of an operating system (OS). It is the part of the operating system that loads first, and it remains in main memory. Because it stays in memory, it is important for the kernel to be as small as possible while still

What is CloudLinux and How Does It Help Shared Hosting?

What is CloudLinux? CloudLinux is a linux based operating system designed to give shared hosting providers a more stable and secure OS. Essentially a set of kernel modifications to the Linux distribution, CloudLinux implements features to enable system administrators to take fine-grained control of their server’s resource usage. By isolating

How to Install FFmpeg , Mplayer , Mencoder , MP4Box , Flvtool2.

FFmpeg is a free software project that produces libraries and programs for handling multimedia data. FFmpeg includes libavcodec, an audio/video codec library used by several other projects, libavformat, an audio/video container mux and demux library, and the ffmpeg command line program for transcoding multimedia files. You will need to login

How to Enable MySQL Port on Your Linux Dedicated Server

MySQL is an open-source relational database management system that is based on SQL queries. It is compatible with most known programming languages and can be installed on most Linux distributions that exist, such as Ubuntu and CentOS. MySQL runs as a system service in Unix family systems and services are