Hivelocity Announces New VPS Cloud Hosting Services

Tampa, FL, 10/12/2023 – Hivelocity, the leading Bare Metal hosting provider, is pleased to announce the addition of virtual private server (VPS) offerings to its growing list of services. With these new VPS services, Hivelocity now offers customers greater flexibility, scalability, and leading price-to-performance when hosting their applications and websites.

The Pros and Cons of the Operating Systems Offered with Your VPS

An operating system is a software that manages the hardware and software resources of a computer. It provides a common interface for applications to interact with the hardware, and performs tasks such as memory management, process scheduling, file system management, security, and networking. Some examples of popular operating systems are

Docker Advanced: Deploying with Docker-Compose

Welcome back to our series covering all things Docker. In our previous article, Docker for Beginners: Deploying Containers & the Anatomy of Commands, we covered a basic test example of deploying a Ghost webpage inside a Docker container, as well as analyzing the components that make up the command we

Getting Started with Docker: Installation & Basics

Welcome back to our series covering all things Docker. In our previous article, An Introduction to Docker: What is Docker & What Are Its Benefits?, we covered the basics of what the Docker platform is as well as some of the advantages containers provide over traditional deployment methods. But now

Mount Wasabi on Linux Using s3fs-fuse

How Do I Use S3FS with Wasabi? S3FS (fuse) is certified for use with Wasabi. To use S3FS with Wasabi, please follow the command syntax example below. This tutorial may also be helpful. Setup Access Key To configure S3FS, you will need both the access key and secret key of

Proxmox VE Now Available with All Instant Deploy Servers

With a blend of KVM hypervisor technology and Linux Containers (LXC), Proxmox VE is the virtualization tool which can revolutionize your development environment. Now available as a default option with all Hivelocity Instant Deployment Dedicated Server purchases, scaling and maintaining your virtual infrastructure has never been easier. “In the past,”

How to Create a Group in Linux

If your Linux distribution is supporting multiple users, it can often be easier to assign user permissions based on groups, rather than basing them on individual users. By creating groups with specific permissions, then assigning existing users to these groups, you can pass along the permissions of the group to

How to Uninstall MySQL

If you find yourself needing to uninstall MySQL, it can be tricky sometimes to know if you’ve uninstalled it completely. Whether your running MySQL on Linux or Windows, just follow these instructions to uninstall MySQL and its associated data completely. How to Uninstall MySQL in Linux Need to uninstall MySQL

TechRadar Reviews Hivelocity

At Hivelocity, we’re always pleased to receive positive feedback and reviews from our customers. It means we’re doing things right. Just as crucial though are those reviews which come to us from 3rd-party reviewers, like this recent article from TechRadar. Reviews like these help us continue to provide superior support

How to Zip a Folder in Linux

With Linux, as with any other operating system, the size of your files and applications makes a difference to the overall stability of your system. After all, servers only have a finite amount of storage, and once that storage is used up, processes can quickly grind to a halt. This

What Is Kubernetes?

If you’ve spent much time around the tech world in the last seven years, chances are you’ve heard of Kubernetes. But what is Kubernetes and why is it so talked about? Read on to learn all about Kubernetes, containerization, and the advantages these modern infrastructure methodologies bring.   What Is