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Mount Wasabi on Linux Using s3fs-fuse

How Do I Use S3FS with Wasabi?

S3FS (fuse) is certified for use with Wasabi. To use S3FS with Wasabi, please follow the command syntax example below. This tutorial may also be helpful.

Setup Access Key

To configure S3FS, you will need both the access key and secret key of your s3 AWS account.

  1. First, replace the AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY shown below with your actual Wasabi access key and secret key values.

    $ vi /etc/passwd-s3fs AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID:AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY

  2. Next, make sure that the file has the proper permissions using:

    1$ chmod 600 /etc/passwd-s3fs

Mounting an S3 Bucket

To mount s3fs, just run the command listed below:

1s3fs storage5555 /s3mnt -o passwd_file=/etc/passwd-s3fs -o url=

You can also mount Wasabi via /etc/fstab by adding the following line:

1s3fs#storage5555 /s3mnt fuse _netdev,allow_other,use_cache=/cache,url= 0 0

You should now be able to use the mounted Wasabi Cloud Storage.

*Note: this example discusses the use of Wasabi’s us-east-1 storage region. To use other Wasabi storage regions, please use the appropriate Wasabi service URL as described in this article.

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