How to Scroll Up in the Linux Terminal

If you’re a new Linux user trying to navigate the lines of inputs and outputs filling your terminal, it might be a bit overwhelming. Because recent lines remain visible, as your inputs increase and your outputs grow longer, your screen can quickly grow unrecognizable, buried in a wall of white

Hivelocity Sponsors AlmaLinux Download Mirrors

Tampa, Fla., July 13th, 2021 — Today, Hivelocity, leading provider of instant and custom bare metal dedicated server solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with the AlmaLinux OS Foundation. As a successor to CentOS, AlmaLinux offers users a stable, supported, and free alternative enterprise-grade Linux distribution. In a joint

How to Clear the Linux Terminal

Sometimes when you’re working with Linux, the terminal window gets too cluttered. With line after line of previous inputs and outputs, it can be distracting when you’re screen is so overcrowded with information. At times like these, it’s important to know how to clear the terminal and eliminate some clutter.

How to Remove or Delete a User in Linux

As Linux is a multi-user system, and often the basis for large digital infrastructure, it is likely that many companies and organizations using Linux have multiple users who can access and modify it. What happens if you need to remove one of these users from your system? How do you

How to Start and Stop Ping in Linux

For those that don’t know, to “ping” is to test the connection between two computers in the form of response time. The lower the number of milliseconds, the higher the connection speed. For Linux users new to the system or those simply seeking a refresher course, read on to learn

How to Copy and Paste in Linux Terminal

For users new to Linux, copying and pasting lines of code into your terminal is an integral part of the learning process. Even for experienced users though, it is often easier and preferable to copy in generic code rather than typing everything out by hand. This not only improves speed

How to Move, Copy, and Rename a Directory in Linux

In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to move, copy, and rename directories within Linux, using the terminal and some easy commands. Use the table of contents below to find a specific section or read on to learn more! How to Move a Directory in Linux If you’re trying to move

How to Check Linux Version

If you’re new to Linux, starting up a new machine, or just looking for more info on your server’s OS and Linux Kernel, you can easily check your system’s Linux version using one of several methods. Depending on your specific distribution, some of these methods may work better for you

Hivelocity Adds AlmaLinux to Custom Server Options

Hivelocity, leading Private Cloud and Dedicated Server solutions provider, is pleased to announce their premium custom server options now include AlmaLinux OS. As an open-source Linux distribution built for and around the CloudLinux community, AlmaLinux offers users a stable, supported, and free, enterprise-grade OS alternative to distributions like Fedora and

Cloud-init: Automate Your Server Configuration

As we continue expanding the functionality and convenience of our new public RESTful API, Hivelocity is pleased to announce our bare metal dedicated servers now offer instant configuration with cloud-init support. As the industry-standard for customizing cloud instances, cloud-init means our customers can now configure their dedicated servers with the

How to Open, Edit, Move, and Copy a File in Linux

In this tutorial we’ll cover how to open, edit, move, and copy a file within Linux using the terminal window and a few basic commands. Use the the table of contents below to jump to a specific section or read on to learn more! Absolute and Relative Paths When using