How to access your Hivelocity server’s IPMI

To access your Hivelocity server’s IPMI interface, please complete the following steps:

1. Log into your account at


2. Click on the Devices section and select the Device you wish to access the IPMI of, then select the “IPMI” tab under the bandwidth graph.


3. Click on the “Connect to IPMI” button to display step by step instructions on accessing.



You can connect to the IPMI of your server in two ways.

The first way is we can allow your IP through to the IPMI network for a limited time (12 hours). To do this simply click the button to Allow your IP.

Once it’s added, it will let you know, and then give a button to show the IPMI login page, and also a button to show your credentials, like so:


It’s possible that there are too many connections being temporarily allowed, and in that case, the second way is as follows:

Click on the button that says “VPN 2 (new)” (or use VPN 1 as a fallback) and login with the username provided in this section and password you use for and follow the instructions until you are connected to the VPN.


5. Click on “Connect to IPMI Control Panel” or “IPMI Login Page” if you did the first method in Step 4(NOTE: YOU MUST CONNECT TO THE VPN PRIOR TO ACCESSING THE IPMI WEB UI, OR HAVE ADDED YOUR IP TO THE ALLOW LIST FROM THE STEPS ABOVE) and enter the credentials as they are listed in the “Show my IPMI Credentials” link in the previous step and click “Login” to log in.


6. You should now see the main dashboard of the IPMI interface.


Congratulations! you have successfully logged into your server’s IPMI, you can now do things like reboot and console your server as if you were standing in front of it. More information regarding usage of the IPMI system can be found in the following user’s guide published by the manufacturer:

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