How Do I Install RDP?

What is RDP? RDP, or Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol Client is a windows-based software that allows connection to a terminal-server either via a local LAN connection or through remote connection via the internet.   Installing RDP The following procedure details the steps necessary to install RDP. Step One – Downloading

How Do I Boot Into Rescue Mode?

Rescue mode provides the ability to boot a small Linux environment entirely from CD-ROM, or via an alternative boot method, rather than the system’s hard drive. As the name implies, rescue mode is provided to rescue you from situations in which you may have limited access to your system. When

How Can I Place All Form Fields in to Variables in ASP?

For Each Field In Request.Form TheString = Field & “=Request.Form(“”” & Field & “””)” If eval(TheString) Then Execute(TheString) Else Response.Write “Internal Error (ReadFormVariables Function)” End if Next   Popular Links Looking for more information on ASP? Search our Knowledge Base! Interested in more articles about Coding? Navigate to our Categories

What is Midnight Commander (MC)?

Midnight Commander (also known as MC) is a GNU “Swiss army knife” for the Linux console and other terminal environments. As a cross-platform file manager, Midnight Commander gives users who may be newer to Linux a menu driven console experience which is much easier to learn than standard Unix commands.

How to Update Sources and Ports via cvsup in FreeBSD

Install cvsup-without-gui from ports: cd /usr/ports/net/cvsup-without-gui make install Copy the cvsup recipes to /usr/local/etc: cp /usr/share/examples/cvsup/stable-supfile /usr/local/etc/stable-supfile cp /usr/share/examples/cvsup/ports-supfile /usr/local/etc/ports-supfile Edit the cvsup recipes for both stable and ports — you just need to specify the server to use (for example ee /usr/local/etc/stable-supfile ee /usr/local/etc/ports-supfile Update your sources: /usr/local/bin/cvsup

How to Recompile the FreeBSD Kernel

The below example is for SMP, Quotas, and Firewall support. Sources must be installed to recompile the kernel. If sources are not on the server type: /stand/sysinstall and go to configure>Package>Sources. cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf cp GENERIC SMP edit the SMP file and add the following under the options section: #Added options

Use Linux to Find Large Files and Directories

If you’re a Linux user troubleshooting memory issues with your server, knowing which files are taking up the most space can be invaluable information. Luckily, you can have Linux find large files and organize them by size by combining a few simple commands. The du command determines the size of

How Can I Change the Port SSH Listens On?

To change which port ssh listens on, you just need to edit the sshd_config file. The default directory for ssh configuration is /etc/ssh. First, backup the current configuration and use your favorite editor to change the Port line: root@root [~]# cd /etc/ssh/ root@root [/etc/ssh]# cp sshd_config root@root [/etc/ssh]# vi

Can I Limit the IP(s) that sshd Listens On?

To limit the IP addresses which sshd listens on, you just need to modify its settings within the sshd_config file. Follow these 4 easy steps: First, backup the sshd_config file, then edit it with your favorite editor. Now, to limit the IPs sshd listens on, you need to change the