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How to Install Plesk on Windows Server 2012

Installing Plesk

To install Plesk on Windows server 2012, just follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. First, log in to the server with administrator user.
  2. Download the Plesk installer for Windows from the following link
  3. Double click on the plesk-installer.exe file.

    Downloads folder showing plesk-installer.exe file

  4. You will receive a warning box. Click on Run.

    Security warning asking for approval to run the Plesk installer

  5. A terminal window will open asking you to visit a URL using your internet browser. Copy the URL, which should be something along the lines of https://yourserverip:8447/, into your browser.

    Terminal window highlighting the text "Web interface is now started. Please visit https://localhost:8447/ in your browser"

  6. The next screen will be of the browser-based Plesk login window. Log in using your server’s administrator password.

    Plesk Parallels Installer window highlighting "Login name" and "Password"

  7. After logging in, on the next screen, click on Install or Upgrade Product.

    Plesk Parallels Installer window highlighting the "Install or Upgrade Product" option

  8. On the next screen select the checkbox next to Plesk and choose its latest stable version from the dropdown menu. The Installation type should be set to Full, and you’ll want to click the checkbox next to Preview components selection. When you’re finished, click “Continue.

    Installation screen highlighting "Plesk", "Installation type: Full", and the "Preview components selection" checkbox
  9. Now, on the next screen select the components that you want to install and click on Continue.

    Component screen showing options for Plesk components that can be installed
  10. On the next screen, leave the other fields as they are, allowing the Plesk installer to use its defaults. Provide the administrator password that you want to set for Plesk, then click on Continue.

    Window showing the default installation directories for Plesk

  11. The Plesk installation will now start.

    Operations log showing the progress of installing Plesk's files

  12. When installation is complete, the next screen will inform you that all operations with products and components have been successfully completed. Click on OK.

    Completion page with the message "All operations with products and components have been successfully completed."

  13. Once the installation has finished completely, you will be taken back to the summary screen. On this same screen, you can now add other Plesk components.

    Summary screen showing the option to "Add/Remove Components"

  14. Log in to the Plesk control panel using the password you set up when first logging in to Plesk via the provided URL.

    Plesk Parallels Panel login screen

  15. Check the box next to I agree to the terms of this license agreement and click on Accept to proceed.

    Screen showing Plesk licensing agreement

  16. On the next screen, specify the hostname of your server. For example: “”. You will also need to select your server’s dedicated IP address or addresses.

    *Note: It is also suggested that you change your password to a strong, secure password if you haven’t done so already.

    Settings window highlighting the "hostname", "dedicated IP addresses", and "administrator's preferences" sections

  17. On the next screen, select the radio button which best describes your purpose for using Plesk.

    Survey screen showing options for "business use", "personal use", "academic use" and more.

  18. Scroll down a bit and you will be given the option to select which interface view you prefer. Select any of the following radio button options and click on OK.

    • Power User view – This view is an administrator view designed for a single user to manage websites, email accounts, etc. (It cannot be used if customers or resellers exist on the Panel).
    • Service Provider view – This view is the actual end user view and can be used by administrators, resellers, and hosting clients. This view also includes an integrated billing system for invoicing and more.

      Interface selection screen showing options for "Power User view" and "Service Provider view"

  19. On the next screen Provide all the requested information, including: Company name, contact name, phone number, email address, etc.

    Administrator information screen with form fields for information including name, phone number, and more

  20. The final screen will ask for the license. If you already have the license key you can install it here. If you do not already possess the license, you can either order one directly from this screen or utilize the 14 days trial license.

    Final screen showing options within the license management such as order new key, retrieve key, or install key.

After installing the license, you’re all done! Now Plesk is installed and ready to be used on your Windows server 2012.


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