How to Add Additional Administrator User for Plesk 12

  1. First, log in to Plesk with admin user.
  2. Once logged in, on your left hand side under Server Management, click on Tools & Settings.
    Plesk window highlighting the Server Management Section
  3. Now on your right hand side panel, under the Security section, click on the option for Additional Administrator Accounts.
    Tools & Settings window highlighting Security and the "Additional Administrator Accounts" options
  4. On the next page of Additional Administrator Accounts, click on the Add Administrator Account button.
    Additional Administrator Accounts page highlighting the "Add administrator account" button
  5. On the Adding Administrator Account page, fill in all the requested information such Username, Password, Email ID, etc.
    Adding Administrator Account window showing spaces for username, password, email, and other contact information
  6.  Now click the OK button and you are done.
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