Pioneer in Artificial Intelligence Saves 500% by Replacing AWS with Kubernetes on Bare-Metal

Service to Customers 10 Times Faster While Costs Drop 500%


Klink AI develops customized Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Chatbots. Its flagship solution, Wisecapture, uses state-of-the-art, proprietary algorithms that analyze the contents of invoices, contracts, and identification documents and makes intelligent decisions that automatically trigger specific actions and processes. This reduces costs, increases productivity, and brings precision and standardization to decisions and processes while complementing or replacing the work of humans. Klink currently serves major clients in the government, technology, financial, beauty and retail industries.



Identify a reliable, affordable data center provider capable of supporting the demands of a solution that requires high processing power.


Hivelocity, a premier provider of dedicated servers, edge compute, colocation and cloud hosting services and solutions.


  • Service to customers 10 times faster
  • Costs five times lower than previous providers
  • Reliable network with no downtime
  • Enabled growth into new markets
  • Superior customer support


“In Hivelocity we finally found a data center provider that delivers reliable, fast network connectivity, the best hardware and quality support. Their support team responds to us promptly in minutes -- not hours. The difference between IBM SoftLayer and Hivelocity is night and day. Hivelocity has quality service, proven uptime records, a quality network, premium hardware and responsive technical support."

– Fabio Covolo Mazzo, CIO & Co-Founder, Klink AI 

Putting the Intelligence in Artificial Intelligence

Manual analysis and processing of financial documents is tedious, time-consuming, error prone, expensive and highly inefficient. Moreover, decisions based on information in financial documents, and the workflows they initiate, often lack cohesion or set standards from one person or department to the next within organizations. In sum, the entire process at a typical company or governmental department generally absorbs too much time, money and resources and doesn’t always lead to optimal outcomes. 

Problems like this are what make the solutions from Klink AI so important and valuable. The firm applied its expertise in Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning and Chatbots to create Wisecapture, a product that automates and standardizes the content analyzation process and decision-making for financial documents in a secure, cloud-based solution across organizations.

For example, in Brazil there are 5,570 cities, each with its own method for accounting and processing invoices. Using Klink AI, every invoice can be scanned, analyzed and classified – with specific financial analyses and computation algorithms applied automatically. The data collected is then acted upon in a standard, efficient and structured way. The result is fewer errors, lower costs, reduced demands on resources and simplified compliance with security and auditing regulations. 

“Klink AI has chartered a new space using advanced AI technology for the financial areas of companies and governments,” says Fabio Covolo Mazzo, CIO & Co-Founder, Klink AI. “The popularity of Wisecapture is creating opportunities for growth and we plan to expand into new geographies to meet demand.”


Blocked Path to Growth

Only one thing stood in the way of Klink achieving its lofty goals; finding a data center partner to reliably support the demands of its solutions. “Our Wisecapture solution needs a lot of processing power because it utilizes heavy processes like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and machine learning processes that require high CPU usage and high memory consuptumption," says Mazzo.

Initially, Klink used Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon Elastic Compute (EC2) and Amazon S3 to store documents. “Amazon was very expensive, so we turned to using bare metal servers in IBM’s SoftLayer because the price was more predictable,” says Mazzo. “Unfortunately, with SoftLayer we experienced weekly problems with network slowness, hardware issues and support tickets that were not promptly resolved.” According to Mazzo, the time it took IBM to handle service calls imperiled Klink’s ability to serve users. “A support ticket often took more than six hours for an iteration, which often did not even solve the problem,” says Mazzo. “It got to the point where we almost lost a client as a result.”

Klink AI felt that its reputation was suffering due to poor service and support from IBM. “There was a network outage nearly every day, weekly incidents and support was weak,” says Mazzo. “Because we provide a hosted solution with an API to clients, when the system totally shuts down it’s bad for their image, reputation and business; and ours.”


Bumpy Ride With IBM SoftLayer Ends

Klink AI could not afford further risks to its business. It had to find a reliable data center partner. “We did some research online and were impressed with the services, reputation, price, devices and site locations of Hivelocity,” says Mazzo. “We also saw that they serve major, credible, name companies like SpaceX and Faro Technologies, which motivated us to try them out.” Hivelocity is a premier provider of dedicated servers, edge compute, private cloud and colocation hosting solutions to customers from over 130 countries at its eight world-class data centers.

Klink was impressed but wanted to verify that Hivelocity was the right choice. “We trialed Hivelocity and found its network was very fast and reliable compared to IBM SoftLayer,” says Mazzo. Convinced, Klink migrated from IBM SoftLayer to Hivelocity. The company takes advantage of Hivelocity’s bare metal servers and partner services such as Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage and Kubernetes, an open-source container-orchestration system for automating application deployment, scaling, and management.



Hivelocity Delivers

Mazzo is confident that entrusting his business to Hivelocity is the right move. “Since the switch our ability to provide uninterrupted service to our customers is now smooth,” says Mazzo. “In fact, the experience for the end user is over 10 times faster. Previously, with IBM SoftLayer, it took 10 minutes for our Wisecapture solution to download and analyze documents, but now it only takes seconds.”

Klink AI is also reaping benefits from Hivelocity’s superior customer service. “Issues are resolved in under five minutes, the network is stable and we have no problems with hardware anymore,” says Mazzo. “We have even been able to start optimizing Wasabi, which is more affordable than Amazon S3, and, combined with Kubernetes gives us lots of flexibility. When we deploy Kubernetes we need to do it fast and ensure that developers using Klink can quickly handle containers. It’s really impressive what we can do with Hivelocity.”

Hivelocity is enabling Klink to better serve its customers, save money and launch plans for expansion. “In addition to being better than IBM SoftLayer and Amazon Web Services, Hivelocity is also five times cheaper,” says Mazzo. “Currently we’re in Brazil, but with Hivelocity’s support we’ll move into Peru, and we’re developing a processor of documents that can work with other documents and systems in the US and other markets.”


Nothing Artificial About Klink’s Future Success

By investing in the latest technologies, adding new data center locations, and delivering responsive service and affordable, customizable services, Hivelocity continues to help companies like Klink AI reach their full potential. Mazzo has some advice for organizations about the value of partnering with Hivelocity. “I tell companies that I’ve worked with other data centers and Hivelocity gives us security, reliability and unbeatable support, which are more valuable to a business than mere price,” says Mazzo. “They provide the infrastructure and glue that powers our solution and clients and allows us to grow the company.”

Hivelocity provides dedicated servers, private cloud and colocation hosting solutions to customers from over 130 countries worldwide. The company operates eight world-class data centers totaling over 80,000 square feet across Florida, Georgia, New York, Texas, Washington State and California. Hivelocity maintains and manages over 15,000 physical and virtualized servers and provide managed solutions on dedicated servers, virtual servers and private cloud. Each of its data centers is SSAE-16 SOC1 and SOC2 certified, with HIPAA and PCI compliant services also available.