Simple Flat Rate cPanel Pricing - Bringing Sanity Back to cPanel Users

As many of you already know, on June 27th cPanel (now owned by Oakley Capital Investment Group via acquisition last year) announced plans to introduce all-new account based pricing for their control panel software.  This all-new pricing was a shock to the system for the hosting industry as a whole considering cPanel maintains roughly 70% market share in the US and over 30% across the globe.  It would be naïve to think cPanel would not eventually raise their prices considering they were acquired by an investment group and prior to that, had not raised prices in over a decade.  A modest price increase is what should have been expected but that is not what we got.  cPanel raised base pricing by over 20% AND introduced a whole new billing methodology that increases costs with each account added to a server over 100. With many cPanel users having built their business models around a predictable static fee associated with their management software, this shift created scenarios where once prosperous cPanel reliant businesses were potentially no longer viable.  This is where Hivelocity comes in.

Hivelocity is proud to announce today that it is bringing flat fees and predictable cPanel licensing back to the hosting and IaaS industry. “The more successful our customers are the more successful we will be,” has been our mantra since 2002 and we have no intention of losing that core philosophy now.  It gives us great pleasure to announce Hivelocity’s go forward, flat rate cPanel for bare-metal pricing:

  • 1-500 Accounts - $32/month 
  • 501-1000 Accounts - $65/month
  • 1001+ Accounts- $117/month + $.10 per additional account (this 3rd tier was added on August 16th due to strong customer demand)

NOTE: you can see a full list of our Instant Deploy and Same Day Custom Built Dedicated Servers at

For those of you who have not studied cPanel’s new pricing structure, we highly encourage you to do so now to fully grasp how aggressive our pricing is.  In addition to being incredibly generous, the Hivelocity two-tier pricing model allows you to run your business as you always have, with sound knowledge of what your server bill is going to be each and every month. No need to hire an accountant, no need to over-analyze your cPanel bill every month, no need to worry every time you add a new account that your bill is going up….no need to change anything.

Hivelocity wants you to succeed.  Hivelocity wants you to focus on growing your business and making a great living for you and your loved ones.  Hivelocity knows that when we put you in the best position to succeed, you will, and so will we. 

Existing customers will continue to pay the flat rate of $25 per month for cPanel on their Hivelocity dedicated server until October 1st and be billed within the 3-tier model thereafter. New bare-metal sign-ups will be presented with the 3-tier pricing model described below within our cart “effective immediately” (inside joke for those of you who have been following the cPanel pricing drama). 

In addition to cPanel Hivelocity offers, Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin and SolusVM control panels for those of you wanting to transition to a new control panel altogether.  For anyone who is using cPanel with another provider, we do offer free migration in many cases and migration assistance in all cases.  Hivelocity also offers Proactive Managed Services for cPanel and Linux Servers should you need extra help maintaining your dedicated server. You can discuss a new server and migration with one of our Account Managers via live chat, phone or email.  


Visit us at for more information.   cPanel pricing can be found within the cart of any dedicated server we offer.  Tech Support works on-prem and available 24/7/365 to our customers via phone, chat and ticket.  Our Sales Dept works 9am-10pm Monday through Friday and is happy to answer any questions you have via phone, chat or ticket.