What is VPS Hosting? Virtual Private Servers and Your Small Business

Chances are you’ve heard of VPS hosting and are wondering if it’s the right fit for you. After all, as every business owner knows, managing your own company or website involves making difficult choices. Beyond the obvious questions surrounding which services, products, or information to provide, understanding the technical requirements

Hivelocity Has Acquired Dedicated Server and Colocation Business from Swiftway.net

Hivelocity, a provider of Bare-Metal Servers, Edge Computing, Colocation, and Cloud hosted services, is pleased to announce it has acquired the dedicated server and colocation customer base from fellow IaaS provider, Swiftway. In addition to many new customers, this acquisition supplies Hivelocity with new data center locations in Amsterdam, Chicago,

Linux Dedicated Server or Windows Dedicated Server

High-traffic business websites need a lot of power to deliver a consistent, high-quality user experience, and dedicated servers provide the necessary supporting infrastructure. When designing a new website or migrating an existing one, it’s up to you to choose between Linux dedicated servers and Windows dedicated servers. The software you

Specialized Massive Storage Servers

Massive Storage Servers Backup and Store Your Big Data Admin/root access to your Windows or Linux dedicated server gives you full control over the customization of your server’s hardware and software. Save up to 15% with pre-payment Chat for more information Single-tenant solutions. Built with redundancy. 15 Minute Average Ticket

Instant Deploy Bare-Metal Servers Now Available in Miami

Hivelocity, a provider of Dedicated Servers, Colocation, and Cloud Hosting to customers from over 130 countries, announced today the addition of Miami, Florida to the list of Edge Computing markets where Instant Deploy Bare-Metal Servers are now available. Miami joins Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York City, and Tampa to the

Six Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

If you are in the market for a hosting solution, you know there are many different options available. The different environments and configuration types have their advantages and disadvantages, so finding the right combination is the key. A dedicated server offers a long list of benefits ranging from security, control,

What Drives Up the Price of a Dedicated Server?

If you need a web or application hosting configuration that gives you the most flexibility in terms of the server’s hardware configuration and what you can do with the server, a dedicated server is the best choice for your needs. A dedicated server hosting configuration will outperform cloud, virtual, and

Dedicated Server Basics

Dedicated servers empower businesses with the ability to scale computing resources at a rapid rate while minimizing overall hosting costs. Businesses that use dedicated servers can take advantage of the latest computing technologies and virtualization without the astronomical upfront costs associated with opening a world-class data center. Dedicated servers are

Benefits of a GPU Dedicated Server

Why Should You Invest in a GPU Dedicated Server? Are you considering a new dedicated server? If you’re like most business leaders, graphics processing units, or GPUs, may not be the first hardware add-ons that spring to mind, but they’re definitely worth your attention. GPU dedicated server implementations have numerous

GPU Now Available with Hivelocity Servers

Hivelocity, a dedicated server, cloud hosting, and infrastructure services provider to customers from over 130 countries, has announced the availability of Graphic Processing Units (GPU) with most dedicated servers and private clouds. Adding a GPU to new or existing servers is done with ease through the Hivelocity cart or ticket

Hivelocity Now Including Solid State Drives Free On All Servers

Hivelocity, a bare-metal server, cloud hosting, and colocation provider to customers in over 130 countries, announced today that all new dedicated servers will include an SSD (solid state drive) with their base configuration. Hivelocity’s servers are fully customizable and customers that prefer a traditional spinning disk still have this option