Dedicated servers empower businesses with the ability to scale computing resources at a rapid rate while minimizing overall hosting costs. Businesses that use dedicated servers can take advantage of the latest computing technologies and virtualization without the astronomical upfront costs associated with opening a world-class data center. Dedicated servers are also almost always a less expensive solution with superior performance when compared to public cloud. Dedicated servers also minimize support costs when compared to operating your own on-premises solution since a highly skilled 24-hour support team is at your disposal when needed. Understanding the basics of using dedicated servers can help businesses identify the most ideal server solution for their operational needs.

Dedicated Server Basics

One of Hivelocity's data center filled with dedicated servers ready to instantly deploy.

Configuring a Dedicated Server

As businesses have diverse hosting needs, dedicated servers are generally designed to be configurable for optimal performance across a variety of use cases. At Hivelocity, we offer multiple server options that vary across the dimensions of processor speed, storage capacity, memory, and transfer limits. The available dedicated server options are built with the latest hardware for optimal capability. Businesses can also elect to configure multiple servers at the same time if an application or set of applications will operate more efficiently on a series of server instances. Dedicated servers can be configured directly from the website for fast and straightforward scalability.

Instant Dedicated Servers

Many of Hivelocity’s customers use instant pre-built dedicated servers because they are easy to configure and are available within a short period of time. We offer a number of instant dedicated servers that can be ordered directly on our website. The advantage of an instant server configuration is that it is available within 7 minutes and easy to purchase. While the hardware configuration is pre-determined, customers are able to add software like cPanel or MSSQL and customize bandwidth inclusion at the time of order. Instant servers are simple to get started with, so customers with a broad range of skill sets can begin using these systems right away. Since our mix of instant server configurations is targeted at the most common customer needs, most customers can find an instant server that is right for them.

Customizable Servers

When you need something more specific than an instant server, we offer the ability to customize server configurations so you get exactly what you’re looking for. The degree of customizability that Hivelocity offers means that some packages require manual configuration to prepare a server for client specifications. Customization offers a broad range of options that would not be available from common pre-built packages. However, keep in mind that customization can necessitate additional work that takes time to complete. In most cases, we can prepare a customized server within 4 hours with an occasional system taking 24 hours.

A series of cables plugged into the back of a server

Virtualization on Dedicated Servers

Most companies experience slow, steady, and most importantly, predictable growth. One of the biggest advantages that public cloud provides is the ability to scale and be elastic for those times your user base goes from 1,000 to 100,000 overnight. While it is a great problem to have, the far more likely growth pattern is going from 1,000 users to 1,100 users to 2,000 users etc… over a period of months or even years. A dedicated server can be custom built to accommodate your 1,000 users today and your 5,000 users next year from day 1 while saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars each month. When the time comes where you have 10,000 users or 100,000 users a dedicated server can scale in minutes with CPU, RAM, hard drive, and bandwidth upgrades.

Another major benefit of the cloud is having the ability to spin up new “virtual machines” or “virtual servers” whenever you want. Once again, a dedicated server can easily accommodate that same need by simply adding an inexpensive virtualization layer like HyperV, OpenStack, ProxMox, or ESXi to it. Each of these virtualization platforms offers a graphical interface that gives you optics into your resource usage and makes spinning up and tearing down VMs easy.

GPU Dedicated Servers

Clients that work with rendering software or specialized applications often need graphics processing units to maximize performance. GPU dedicated server configurations are ideal for businesses that need customizable servers for artificial intelligence, digital currency mining, and a wide variety of high performance computing applications. Hivelocity offers servers that can accommodate up to 10 GPUs on one system. All of the GPUs we offer are enterprise grade, built for deep learning and mining within data centers. If you require a GPU to power your application, artificial intelligence, crypto-currency mining, or deep learning project, a consumer grade GPU built for graphics is absolutely not going to get the job done like what we are providing.

If you have any questions about any aspect of dedicated servers, we have answers. Chat live with a sales agent today.

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