Enable Backup in WHM / cPanel Dedicated Servers

1) Log into the WHM for your dedicated server. 2) On the main Screen Find the Backup and simply click on it. 3) Click the Configure Backup icon 4) It will show you various options with frequency that backup run and can be configured on this page.   Configure Backup

Bare Metal Servers Landing Page

Dynamic Performance. Static Pricing. Predictable costs. Superior full hardware performance. Bare metal servers instantly deployed in 40+ global markets. Browse all servers Launch globally. Choose your location from 40+ global markets. Atlanta, GA ATL2Buy serverSpeed testLivestream Chicago, IL ORD1Buy serverSpeed test Dallas, TX DAL1Buy serverSpeed testLivestream Los Angeles, LA LAX1Buy

Hivelocity Wins 2022 Cloud7 Award for Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Recognizing the best companies in the hosting industry, Cloud7’s annual awards highlight the top 7 industry leaders from among 7 categories. Hivelocity is proud to once again receive the award for Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider, making it our second win in this category since the

Bare Metal Cloud? The Case for Dedicated Server Hardware

As more organizations seek an alternative to the outrageous data egress fees and inherent risks of the cloud, many forward-thinking companies are turning to dedicated server hardware and bare metal clouds as their digital infrastructure solution. With increased processing power, improved reliability, greater customization opportunities, and thousands of dollars in

Bare Metal GPU Servers

GPU Innovation. Unmatched Pricing. 3-5x more cost effective.Bare metal GPU cloud servers instantly deployed in 40+ global markets. Browse all servers Build now. Customize & deploy instantly. Nvidia Quadro P5000 20-Core XEON $1079 / mo Dual 4210 10-Core2.2Ghz Processor32GB+ DDR4 Memory480GB+ SSD storage 100TB / 1Gbps Customize Nvidia Quadro RTX

Dedicated Server Solutions for Traditional Retail

This probably comes as a surprise to no one, but the truth is, it’s a hard time to be a traditional, brick-and-mortar retailer. This statement has been true for years, but thanks to the rise of e-commerce and the unshakeable positioning of industry giants like Amazon and Alibaba, it’s easier

Proxmox VE Now Available with All Instant Deploy Servers

With a blend of KVM hypervisor technology and Linux Containers (LXC), Proxmox VE is the virtualization tool which can revolutionize your development environment. Now available as a default option with all Hivelocity Instant Deployment Dedicated Server purchases, scaling and maintaining your virtual infrastructure has never been easier. “In the past,”

Bare Metal Servers

Bare Metal Server Products Backed by 24/7 On-Premise Support See all configutrations Worry-free Server Management starting at $49/mo. Let our team of on-site experts make your life a little easier Expand Detailed Server management Comparison The Advantages of Bare Metal Performance A Windows or Linux bare metal server provides you

Hivelocity Receives the Cloud7 Award for Best Dedicated Server Provider

At Hivelocity, we always strive to bring our customers the best servers and support in the industry. As part of this ongoing mission, we are pleased to announce Hivelocity has been named Cloud7’s #1 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider for 2020.   The Cloud7 Awards Celebrating the best in hosting,

Is Hivelocity Your Game Servers Solution?

Game development is a highly lucrative and incredibly competitive industry. The potential financial gains of creating a successful game are immense but the consequences of failure can be costly. Beyond the inherent risks, the necessary tech investments into game servers and network capabilities can be quite expensive. With the rise

Managed Microsoft Windows Now Available on Hivelocity Bare-Metal Servers

Hivelocity, a world leader in IaaS and bare-metal edge computing, announced today a new managed services offering available with any of its Windows bare-metal solutions. Building upon the successful Linux managed services offering, Hivelocity is now able to cover security and management services on nearly 100% of the servers it