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What Is CPU? Cores, Multithreading, & vCPU

If you know much about computers, or even if you don’t, chances are you’ve heard the term CPU. The CPU, which stands for Central Processing Unit, is an essential part of every system from your home laptop to the servers hosting your company’s website. But what is a CPU, and

How Many Cores Do I Have?

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to check your system to determine how many physical and logical cores it has, using Windows, Linux, or Mac. Each OS has been divided into its own section below. Scroll through or use the table of contents to jump directly to the appropriate section.

Sabalcore Partners with Hivelocity Colocation to Enable High Performance Cloud Growth

ABOUT SABALCORE Sabalcore is a cloud-based provider of High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems for Engineers, Scientists, and Researchers. CHALLENGE Sabalcore needed a long-term data center partner that could meet their unique power requirements and high bandwidth connectivity needs. Their previous setup was capital and labor-intensive, had limited bandwidth provider options and

Free CPU UPGRADE offer on $99 Core2Quad!

The next 5 customers to purchase one of our $99 Core2Quad q8200 dedicated servers will get a FREE CPU UPGRADE to a q9300 2.5Ghz. There is no coupon code needed for this special deal. Simply contact one of our Account Managers via live chat, phone or email and tell them

Hivelocity Introduces Dual Octadeca Core Servers

Dedicated server, colocation and cloud hosting service provider, Hivelocity, announced today the introduction of its new Dual E5-2600 Haswell Xeon server line. Within this new server line systems can be acquired with up to two eighteen core processors equaling an impressive sixteen physical cores. “Many of our customers require that

How to disable Core Dumps on the dedicated server?

Please refer the following steps: 1. Login to your server as root. 2. Open up /etc/init.d/httpd using your favorite editor vi /etc/init.d/httpd 3. add ulimit -c 0 below ulimit –n 4. Save and exit 5. Restart Apache service.

What is the Difference Between Dual-Core and Quad-Core Processors?

If you’ve been working with computers for any length of time, you probably know that quad-core processors are faster than dual-core processors. But why? Well, the answer comes down to simple mathematics.   Dual-Core vs. Quad-Core As you may have already guessed from their names, a dual-core processor has two

How to disable the core dumps?

You see that files with name ‘Core’ is created under your account. These core files start taking the space on your server. Core dump consists of the recorded state of the working memory. Generally when the program/script/application has terminated abnormally these files created. You can delete those files,but a permanent

How to unrar on Fedora core Linux Server ?

If you are using Fedora core Linux server then use yum to install rar : yum install unrar Also you can refer following steps: – root@server [~]#cd /tmp root@server [~]#wget https:// www . root@server [~]#tar -zxvf rarlinux-3.6.0.tar.gz root@server [~]#cd rar root@server [~]#cp rar unrar /bin To extract rar file

Game Server Solutions

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Competitor Comparison

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