How to setup Scheduled Tasks (Cron Jobs) in Plesk?

  1. Login to your Plesk control panel

  2. Once logged in, at the left hand side under Server management section click on Tools & Settings

  3. Now on the right hand side panel, under the Tools & Resources section click on Scheduled Tasks.

  4. On the next screen click on Plesk Administrator User.

  5. On the next screen of Scheduled Tasks under Tools click on Add New Task button.

  6. On the next screen provide all the requested information as shown in the image.

  7.  Now scroll down a bit and you will see a calender where you can schedule the task .

  8. Here we will schedule a task to run every day, every hour, every minute . The calendar will looks as below.

  9.  Once you are done with scheduling the task as per your requirements, click on OK and you are done.