How to install SQL Server Management Studio 2012 on Windows Server 2012

This tutorial will help you to perform the installation of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

  1. Login to your windows server with administrator user

  2. Download the set up for SQL Server Management Studio depending on your server type (x64,x86).

  3. Once you download the set up file , double click on it in order to start the installation.

  4. The set up will start with primary installation screen of SQL Server , click on “New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation”
    How to install SQL Server Management studio on windows server

  5.  On the next screen you will see that SQL set up is checking for the product update. Let the process finish. If there are updates the screen will show or else click next.
    How to install SQL Server Management studio 2012 on windows server 2012

  6.  On the next screen the set up will prepare for the installation.
    Installing SQL Server Management Studio on Windows Server

  7. On the next screen, select the SQL server instance that we have installed on the server. Now at this step select the option of “Add features to an existing instance of SQL server 2012” . The installation will take the default SQL server instance that is already installed on the server so no need to make any changes with it. Click on Next.
    How to Install SQL Server Management Studio on Windows Server 

  8. On the feature selection screen, select all the available options under Features window and then click on Next.
    SQL Server Management Studio Feature Selection 

  9. The next screen will be Error Reporting Option. You can either enable the option of sending error reports to Microsoft or leave it default. Click on Next.
    Error Reporting on SQL Server Management Studio 

  10. On the next screen you can see that the setup has started the installation. Wait till the installation completes.
    SQL Server Management Studio Installation Process 

  11. Success!!! We have successfully installed the SQL server management studio.
    Complete SQL Server Management Studio Installation