How to install SQL Server 2016 Express

Installing SQL Server 2016 express requires .NET Framework 4.6 be installed. You can check before the install but it will check and install it automatically if needed. If you are running Windows Server 2012 R2, update KB2919355 is required before installing the framework.

1. Download the executable from the Microsoft site:

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2. Choose your installation type:

You can stick with Basic unless you have custom options and location you’d like to set. If you’d like to use Custom please jump down to Step 6.

SQL Server 2016 with SP2 Express Edition Installation types: Basic

3. Accept the license agreement.

License Agreement for SQL Server 2016 with SP2 Express Edition
4. Choose a new Install Location or if you’re fine with the default you can select Install.

Pick the location to install SQL Server Express 2016
SQL Server 2016 Download and Installation progress

5. Complete! From here you can Connect to the server immediately, Customize the installation, or Install SQL Server Management Studio.

SQL Server Installation complete menu

6. If you’d like to set install locations, install or remove certain features, or confirm the precheck tests, choose Custom.

SQL Express Installation type. Choose Custom.
7. Select the download location for the installer and select Install.

: Pick your SQL Server Media location.

Downloading SQL installer package

8. After the Download is complete you will be directed to the Server Installation Center. From here you have several options. We’re going to select New SQL Server stand-alone...

SQL Server 2016 Installation Center

9. Accept the license agreement and select Next.

SQL Server Express 2016 License Agreement

10. Resolve any issues here by clicking on the link under the status column if there is a failed rule. Afterward, select Re-run. Once all of the entries in the Status column show 'Passed', select Next.

SQL Server Express Global Rules

11. You can elect to have Automatic Updates monitor your SQL Server instance and download updates as needed. If you’d like this you can select the checkbox and then select Next.

Automatic SQL Server updates

12. Here we have more issues to be aware of. Resolve any failed issues and once the tests all pass after hitting Re-run, select Next.

SQL Sever Install Rules

13. Here you can choose the features and installation directories you’d prefer. You can see the feature description and prerequisites in the top right of the window. You can use the default settings and select Next if you don’t have any preference.

SQL Server Express 2016 Feature selection and descriptions

14. These tests should pass automatically and you most likely can skip this step. If there is a failed test, you can resolve it by clicking the link and following the instructions. After all tests have passed, select Next.

SQL Server Feature Rules

15. You can choose a name and ID for your server instance or leave it default, afterward select Next.

SQL instance name and ID

16. Configure windows service accounts that SQL will be using to run the instance. You can leave this default unless you want to specify a different account. When you’re done, select Next.

SQL Server configuration

17. Here you can specify administrators for your SQL instance. Either use the default Windows Administrator account or you can select Mixed Mode and specify a password for the SA account. You can also add other windows users as administrators. When you’re finished here, click Next.

SQL Server Express 2016 Database configuration - Users, Data directories, etc.

18. Here you can Install and configure reporting services, we’ll use the default option here and select Next.

Reporting server configuration for SQL Server 2016

19. Select Accept and then Next. SQL will then begin the install.

SQL Server 2016 Installation Microsoft R Open agreement

Installing SQL Server 2016 Express

20. Setup is complete! You’ll have a list of everything that succeeded or failed. You can also go through the SQL Server Installation Center and install any more tools you need.

SQL Server Express 2016 Installation Complete!

This article should apply to most configurations but if you have any further issues please don’t hesitate to call us or submit a ticket in through your myVelocity portal.