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Custom Error Messaging Setup for IIS on Windows Server 2003

Custom Error Messages:

When a user attempts to connect to a Web site and an HTTP error occurs, a generic message is sent back to the client browser with a brief description of what happened during the attempt to establish a connection. You can configure IIS to send custom error messages instead of the default error messages by mapping to a file or by mapping to a URL.

To configure custom error messages

Follow these steps

1.Create your custom error message and place them in a folder.

2.In the Internet Information Services snap-in, select the Web site, virtual folder, folder, or file in which you want to customize HTTP error messages and click Properties.

3.On the Custom Errors property sheet, select the HTTP error message that you want to change and click Edit Properties.

4.In the Message Type box, select File. Type the path and file name that points to your customized error message, or use the Browse button to locate the file on your computer’s hard disk. Click OK.

5.If you want to select URL, then Type the URL that points to your customized error message by entering the path to the URL, beginning with the virtual folder name. Click OK.

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