OpenStack is an IaaS platform that enables highly scalable and highly flexible cloud solutions. Similar to VMware or HyperV, OpenStack allows users to create virtual machines within bare-metal servers. Numerous bare-metal servers can then be connected to each other enabling the ability to seamlessly create virtualized servers at scale when you need them and destroy them when you don’t. What makes OpenStack unique and desirable is the fact it is open source and involves no licensing charges. The challenge is finding a company that knows how to use it, manage it, and take advantage of the many features OpenStack has to offer.

Because OpenStack is so flexible, the use cases it can be applied to are vast. Because OpenStack is open source, there are countless Dev Ops teams around the world tinkering with it and announcing their latest brilliant concept on how they plan on using it. Recently, articles have been published discussing the topic of OpenStack being pulled in so many directions the path for its future has become muddied. For each of these reasons and the fact OpenStack is still relatively new, we have found many people out there really have no clue about what OpenStack can do. The fact is, OpenStack at its core, is an incredibly reliable IaaS platform enabling infinitely scalable public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions.

In hopes of adding some clarity to OpenStack we have created the following video that provides a quick overview of the OpenStack admin interface, end-user interface and some basic functionality.


Openstack Private Cloud Demo from Hivelocity on Vimeo.


There are a ton of features we did not cover in this video. For instance, just like VMware, OpenStack provides the ability to create geo-zones enabling users to not only choose the resources of each VM but to also choose what part of the world that VM is created. We also make no mention of OpenStack’s willingness to work on local storage or with a SAN. Public and private clouds can be set up to be highly available or not, depending on how you architect the solution. Additionally, OpenStack can be used as the foundation to power solutions that have nothing to do with cloud, but that is probably taking us down a rabbit hole we should save for another day. We are trying to bring clarity after all.

If you have questions on how OpenStack can be used for your business, please open a live chat or call our sales team. One of our Sales Staff will team up with one of our OpenStack experts and be happy to talk through your operation and see if OpenStack or one of our other Private Cloud solutions is right for you.


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