The Future of Dedicated Servers

By: Richard Nicholas

For some time now, we’ve heard the concerns:

“Dedicated servers are powerful and cost-effective, but deploy and bill too inflexibly for scale.”

“The standard tools for infrastructure orchestration (Openstack/Kubernetes/Terraform) aren’t built for dedicated servers.”

“Dedicated servers are a great fit for specialized workloads.”

Hivelocity sees the future of dedicated servers as increasingly relevant for more workloads by allowing customers to manage them using the standard orchestration tools they’re already using for infrastructure management, delivered more securely, at a lower price point, at an optimal network location, and backed by superior technical support thanks to the power and flexibility of dedicated server technology and Hivelocity’s core business.

Dedicated Servers at Hivelocity's Tampa Data Center. Notice one of our techs is always in there working on a server.


Provisioning: Currently prebuilt servers can be ordered and deployed at any of our locations within minutes. We’re accelerating that process to allow for customers to deploy additional servers programmatically.

Upgrades: Currently customers need to schedule a downtime for a server to receive additional resources. We’re automating that process so customers can simply reboot their servers and have more resources attached.


Public clouds require large physical footprints that aren’t feasible at the network edge. Dedicated servers’ minimal footprints and high computing power density make a great solution for edge applications.


After the promotional credits run out, dedicated servers are more cost-effective for both compute and networking.

Our NOC Manager is always available to support our dedicated server customers.

Technical Support

Hivelocity’s not a startup. We support thousands of customers today and build our reputation daily by providing Exceptional Support. Public clouds aren’t known for their support. Public cloud customers in need of support will often partner with a second vendor to support their needs. Hivelocity includes support along with the already low cost of our infrastructure