Best Practices for Surviving Your Server Migration

For many growing companies, there inevitably comes a time when it’s necessary to move data from one server to another. Whether your motivations include your need for more computing power, additional storage space or easier access to cloud features, it’s critical to manage your transition properly. Here are some concepts that will help your server data migration go more smoothly.

Establish Strong Security Prior to Transitioning

You wouldn’t move into a newly built home that was missing doors or locks, and you shouldn’t deploy onto an unguarded server either. Implement security features, like DDoS protection, firewalls and restoration functionality, before anything else.

Sure, the best server providers make it possible to add features after your data has taken up residence. The only problem is that doing things in this order creates a window of exposure during which your site might be vulnerable. Minimize your risk by fortifying your new machine in advance of your server data migration.

Work With a Server-agnostic Transition Team

Embarking on a custom server migration is stressful enough without having to worry about whether your new machine or OS will run the services that you need correctly. Data centers that can transfer any server to one of their own put you on better footing to maintain business continuity.

For instance, you shouldn’t have to relearn everything following a cPanel migration. Moving to a provider that can uniformly transfer your old cPanel hosting setup to the new one makes it easier to continue managing your site as if nothing changed.

Keep the Old Server Running

Don’t be so hasty to decommission an old server. Until you’ve confirmed that the migration was successful, you should maintain the previous machine as a backup. Stress test all aspects of the new setup thoroughly to ensure that they can meet demand before permanently settling down.  This strategy also requires you to give yourself a little extra time.  You never want to rush a migration because your old server is set to terminate in a day.  Give yourself at least a few days or a week of overlap where both your old server and your new server can be available to you. 

Get Started With Your Free Migration

Hivelocity makes it easy to perform any custom server migration seamlessly. We can complete your cPanel migration no matter who you’ve currently contracted with, and we’re also experts at transferring DirectAdmin, Ensim and Plesk servers to our robust cPanel systems. Configure your server today to take advantage of your free migration, or ask us which of our custom services is right for you.