Enable Backup in WHM / cPanel Dedicated Servers

1) Log into the WHM for your dedicated server.

2) On the main Screen Find the Backup and simply click on it.

3) Click the Configure Backup icon

4) It will show you various options with frequency that backup run and can be configured on this page.


Configure Backup Options:

Backup Status:

Backup Interval:

Backup Retention:

Days to Run Backup:

Remount/UnmountBackup Drive:

BailOut If Backup DriveMountFails:

Incremental Backup:

Backup Accounts:

Backup Configuration Files:

Backup SQL Databases:

Backup Access Logs:

Backup Type:

Remote FTP Host:

FTP Backup User:

FTP Backup Password:

FTP Backup Directory:

FTP Backup Passive Mode:

Backup Destination:

Select Specific Users:


5) Simply, “Enabled” the “Backup Status” and change the settings as per your requirements and hit the “Save” button.

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