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What is CloudLinux and How Does It Help Shared Hosting?

What is CloudLinux? CloudLinux is a linux based operating system designed to give shared hosting providers a more stable and secure OS. Essentially a set of kernel modifications to the Linux distribution, CloudLinux implements features to enable system administrators to take fine-grained control of their server’s resource usage. By isolating

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[Webinar] The Future of Cybersecurity: A Survival Guide

With several high-profile hacks hitting some of the biggest companies such as LastPast, and GoDaddy just to name a few, it is vital to stay ahead of the game. Eric Ellis, CloudLinux Technical Account Manager, and Eric Lewellen, Hivelocity System Admin, will host this upcoming webinar, where they will discuss

Cybersecurity Webinar Follow Up: Where to Watch

Thank you to Eric Lewellen, System Administrator here at Hivelocity, for participating in our recent webinar, Detection or Prevention? 3 Reasons Why You Need Both, alongside Eric Ellis of CloudLinux, where they talked bare metal, Imunify360, and the best-in-class cybersecurity practices necessary to keep your data safe. It’s chock full

Hivelocity Sponsors AlmaLinux Download Mirrors

Tampa, Fla., July 13th, 2021 — Today, Hivelocity, leading provider of instant and custom bare metal dedicated server solutions, is pleased to announce its partnership with the AlmaLinux OS Foundation. As a successor to CentOS, AlmaLinux offers users a stable, supported, and free alternative enterprise-grade Linux distribution. In a joint

Hivelocity Adds AlmaLinux to Custom Server Options

Hivelocity, leading Private Cloud and Dedicated Server solutions provider, is pleased to announce their premium custom server options now include AlmaLinux OS. As an open-source Linux distribution built for and around the CloudLinux community, AlmaLinux offers users a stable, supported, and free, enterprise-grade OS alternative to distributions like Fedora and

Latest Updates Impacting Some Red Hat / CentOS Servers

Updated July 7, 2020   Latest Update Impacting Some RHEL / CentOS Servers NOTE: This issue should now be resolved.A couple weeks ago, Red Hat released a set of patches which now seem to fix the issue. We are also getting confirmed reports that the fix from Red Hat does

Intel CPU Exploits Meltdown and Spectre – What You Need to Know

—-Updated 1/10/18 1:25m EST—– Ubuntu Remediation Steps: Ubuntu 14, 16, 17 apt-get update apt-get dist-upgrade reboot to complete the update —-Updated 1/8/18 10:55am EST—– ProxMox Remediation Steps:Follow the instructions found at —-Updated 1/6/18 3:03pm EST—– Cloudlinux CloudLinux 6 Remediation Steps: Run the following command to patch CloudLinux 6 servers.


SOFTWARE The operating systems and control software you need. Control Panels We offer a wide range of both Linux and Windows supported control panels that are all built to simplify server and website management. Whether you have just a few sites to manage, a few thousand sites, or even if