Bash Vulnerability CVE-2014-6271 “Shellshock” – How to Test and Patch.

A new vulnerability, known as “Shellshock”, was recently discovered within Bash. This security hole needs to be patched immediately to avoid potential exploits of your Linux server. Our Fully Managed cPanel customers have already had this patch applied since yesterday. An additional patch will likely be required to completely resolve

What is Plesk Onyx and What are Its Features?

What is Plesk Onyx? Plesk Onyx is the newest and smoothest upgrade of the traditional Plesk control panel. Originally released in 2001, Plesk is one of the leading control panel solutions for both Linux and Windows servers. Now, with a multitude of improved features, the new Plesk Onyx even supports

Hivelocity security alert – Heartbleed vulnerability

Hivelocity Customers, Due to the recent discovery of a vulnerability within OpenSSL encryption known as HeartBleed, action is required to ensure your Linux server’s data is secure. Windows servers are not affected. Below are 5 sets of instructions for fully-managed customers, self-managed customers, self-managed cPanel customers, self-managed Cloud Linux 6