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How to Check if the Default FTP Port 21 is Blocked

What is FTP Port 21?

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is a means of transferring data online directly from one server to another. Typically requiring a username and password, it can be used through your web browser or a dedicated FTP client. In order for FTP to work, it requires access to ports used in the transfer process. While these ports can be changed, they default to port 20 and port 21.

At times though, these ports can be blocked, often due to a security permissions issue within your firewall settings.

But how can you check if you FTP Port 21 is being blocked?


Checking FTP Port 21

The process for checking if your port 21 is being blocked is very easy. To begin, open your favorite terminal emulator and run the below command to telnet your site

telnet 21


telnet 123.456.789.86 21

*Note: You must replace with your actual domain name or with your website/server’s IP Address. In addition, you can check the status of other ports by replacing the “21” at the end of the command with a different port number.

After entering the command, if you see the message “could not open connection to the host, on port 21: connect failed“, then this is showing that the port is being blocked. It might be getting blocked by your ISP (internet service provider), or it could be an issue with your security settings. If the issue is related to your security permissions, you’ll just need to make sure you allow port 21 access.


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