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When it comes to providing the ideal hosting experience there are many approaches. Whether it’s affordability, customization options, bleeding-edge tech, a powerhouse network, or in-house systems that set you apart from the competition, every provider has a different roadmap to creating the “perfect” hosting solution. One crucial feature which is rarely given the priority it deserves though, is the importance of customer service and support. In an industry moving ever-closer to huge, hyperscale data centers and massive, faceless corporations, sometimes you need a human touch. 

That’s where we come in. 

At Hivelocity, we’re proud to provide world-class support our clients can rely on. It’s been a part of our mission since the beginning. With our team of technicians on-site 24/7, you can rest easy knowing your servers are in the hands of industry experts. Whether you sign up for our premium server management options or prefer to handle things yourself, our 24-hour support staff is there for you when you need it. When problems arise at 3 AM, Hivelocity is the provider bringing you solutions in minutes, not hours.

But don’t take my word for it. See what our customers are saying about us and decide for yourself:

“Super helpful and amazingly professional.” – Datamantic, Inc

“Responded in about 1 min and had my site back online within 5 mins. Awesome support as always!!” – Town of Ocean City, Maryland

“After days of troubleshooting and working with my server management company, I finally reached out to Hivelocity. A few minutes later, the issue was resolved. Great work!” – Radium Hosting

“I have worked with many service providers like AWS, Azure, Google, Liquidweb, but Hivelocity’s team is the best, friendly, helpful, team I have ever worked with.” –

“To be a technology company, Hivelocity is superhuman and supportive… I really wish all companies would be as human as they [are]. A role model.” – Grupo Aullox S.A. De C.V.

“We were in dire need of help and the tech support staff went above and beyond in helping us. I personally cannot thank them enough.” – Vepo LLC

“Most organizations have little if any technical support. It is almost impossible to speak to ISP’s to resolve tech issues. [Hivelocity] really is one of the best I have come across at responding and being generally helpful.” – mKiwi

“I came to Hivelocity because of the reasonable prices. I’ve stayed for several years and refer others because of the amazing support. Thank you again for looking out for me and my business.” – Net Step, Inc.

“Support proactively reached out with a potential issue and worked with me to schedule a time to get it fixed. Overall, it was a great experience.” – EquinEdge, LLC

“I’m totally satisfied with Hivelocity. You guys are amazing. You guys helped me when I needed it most and this is saving my company. Thank you.” – Bliz Host

Thank you to all our customers for your kind words and support over the years, and thank you to our excellent team of sales, customer service, and support technicians for all you do to ensure our clients’ success.

As you can hopefully see, at Hivelocity, we’re not afraid to go above and beyond for our customers. After all, we know that when you succeed, we succeed as well. With instant and custom solutions ranging from dedicated servers to private, bare metal cloud and more, Hivelocity is the hosting partner you’ve been looking for.

So, call or chat with an agent today and see what the Hivelocity difference can mean for your organization. Affordable, premium hosting solutions backed by the best support in the industry.

That’s what it means to be Hivelocity.

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