Hivelocity Chooses Rack Solutions Products for State-of-the-Art Data Center

Rack Solutions' president, Dan Mantz, recently visited our data center to see how our Phase 2 expansion was coming along.  He was thoroughly impressed with what he saw and after flying back to Texas had his PR department work up the following press release.  The original presser can be found here


Rack Solutions understands that good cable management is essential for the installation and long term maintenance of both small data room closets and large data centers.  That is why Rack Solutions offers vertical cable management bars as a standard component with our open frame racks.

Recently Rack Solutions visited Hivelocity's state of the art data center in Tampa, Florida.   Hivelocity offers a wide range of Dedicated and Cloud web hosting solutions and uses Rack Solutions open frame racks and shelves.  Hivelocity takes pride in its pristine and well organized data center.  What truly impressed Rack Solutions was the company’s stunning cable management.  All power and communications cables are meticulously routed and secured in the vertical cable management bars attached to the back of the Rack Solutions Model 111 Open Frame Rack.  Hivelocity neatly labels every cable and termination point in the racks and utilizes cable trough andladder racks throughout the data center.  This promotes a well-organized and maintained cable management system.

The Rack Solutions vertical cable management bar is specifically designed for routing and fastening cables.  It mounts in 8 different locations, keeps your rack cables organized, includes holes for cable pass-through and has multiple wire tie points. It supports up to 4 power strips and is available in 16U – 58U heights.

Rack Solutions thanks Hivelocity for their continued use of our products and for showing us their state of the art facility.