Dedicated Server Hosting Provider, Hivelocity, is proud to announce the addition of Dell to its list of server hardware partners. Dell is known for producing some of the most soundly built and innovative server chassis in the industry. Customers of Hivelocity now have the option of choosing between both Dell and SuperMicro dedicated servers.

To celebrate the new server line, Hivelocity has run promotions on its new Dell Quad-Core Xeon x3430 (4GB Ram, 500GB SAS) server line, offering them for only $199. For only $25 more customers are able to double the ram and add SAS Raid 1. Dell and Supermicro represent 2 of the 3 largest server manufactures in the world. Both companies are recognized for producing very solid and reliable servers. These servers are built to run cool and run forever.

Both our Dell and Supermicro chassis have hot swap hard drives and on board IPMI capabilities. All of our Dell and Supermicro servers are outfitted with Quad-Core chips which only improve these machines ability to run cool, efficient and trouble free.


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